Concerns Wrongly Placed By Nazri

Our defacto law minister, Nazri Aziz, said “the security of Israel is not important to us. We are concerned about the security of Palestinians” (read here.)

It behooves us Malaysians to wonder why Nazri is more concerned about the security of Palestinians when the security of Malaysians are severely lacking?

What Malaysian security, you may ask?

Allow me to list some food for thought.

  1. snatch thefts
  2. home break-ins
  3. robberies
  4. illegal immigrants
  5. car jacking
  6. identity cards for aliens
  7. drugs
  8. rare earth

Do you feel safe in Malaysia? Honestly speaking, not sounding politically correct. We are not only high on the corruption index, our crime rate is on the rise contrary to what the authorities want us to believe otherwise. We can make statistics say anything we want if we torture it long enough. We know crime is fast getting out of control and worse in some parts of the country.

Our Government spends countless days trying to explain away our position on Israel and the Palestinians but spend little time paying attention to our security. Why do you think there are so many Guarded and Gated efforts all over the country?

We wonder if our Government have our best interest at heart when they spend untold billions of ringgit under the excuse of national security when they leave us Malaysians in the cold to fend for ourselves?

How can billions of ringgit worth of submarines help fight crime at home? Why are we not spending billions to equip our police force rather than our marines? Is it so much more important to fight pirates whom we never read they ever get caught and spend billions of ringgit chasing them around?

Why is it when we need to improve on homeland policing do we find more money spent on armored vehicles, helicopters and submarines? And then we find neighborhood police driving around in sponsored kanchils? This is a sad story for Malaysians.

When politics take precedent over the welfare of the people, we know that the entire Government is broken. When Palestinians are more important than Malaysians, we have lost our sense of worth and meaning for a Government. When Malaysians suffer and our Government continues to spend billions of ringgit with total disregard to our plight, something is really wrong with this system.

Why argue over our stand on Israel and Palestinians with Anwar when our Government of the day must rise up for those who elected you in the first place? Such political rebuttal is ill timed and unnecessary and allowing Nazri to say such things only reinforced the frustrations that Malaysians have on our Government,

When will they ever learn? It will soon come to the ballot box to seal their fates but it does not have to be. If only they wise up now!


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