RPK, Anwar, Najib, Guan Eng, Soi Lek – all can debate!

Why are we consciously or unconsciously fighting each other? Reports that Anwar doesn’t want to debate with RPK and various accusations hurled around now appear quite unfounded is just a waste of time. Julian Assange only wanted to make a documentary and interview these personalities to enhance his production. No debate whatsoever.

The one debate that we are all waiting for is between Najib and Anwar.

If it is ever possible to wish for a debate of the century, it is this one! A classic in the making that Malaysia has never seen.

The reason is that in the coming GE13, the party that is able to drive the economy and make the lives of all Malaysians better will be the chosen one. The party that tries to put blinkers over the yes of the nation will be clearly defeated unless the nation remains ever so gullible.

Najib is the current unelected PM but still the PM of the day. His strategies and philosophies to shape the nation are things that all Malaysians want to know. Not his PR to distract and distort the truth about the economy and other practices.

Anwar, on the other hand, is the Opposition Leader and if they win the next election, he is probably going to be the next PM. For exactly the same reasons, the nation will want to know what is his strategies and philosophies in leading the nation into the future.

Now, to be honest, not all Malaysians care to know that much about what Najib or Anwar thinks. Many are diehards that will believe anything they say. But in the coming GE13, there are millions of new and young voters as well as more open minded Malaysians who are able and willing to weigh the propositions both Najib and Anwar have to offer the nation.

As such, we are all awaiting for the moment that Najib will be bold enough to stand up and be counted. It is the third time that Anwar has invited Najib to a presidential style debate and will be on major national issues and how both these next election country leaders can share their vision of the new Malaysia in a global competitive arena.

Perhaps, we can invite Najib and Anwar to an interview style opinion piece on an identical list of questions to begin with. That may be a very good start to a fresh and honest exchange of opinions and arguments on their individual visions for Malaysia.

GE13 will be a major turning point for BN and Pakatan Rakyat. And according to Najib, BN will have to ride his popularity to win while Anwar has a team of able leaders to demonstrate how a PR led government can run major states.

The GE13 cannot solely be between Najib and Anwar but also their entire team. We can’t deny their abilities to lead and influence the votes of the nation but without a good supporting cast, we can’t get the entire show on the road.

Let’s see what Najib and Anwar is made of first.


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