Open Season on Anwar – GE13 is Near!

“Anwar is not qualified to be a PM”, so cries our PM Najib (read here.)

The reason given was that there were many of Anwar’s close supporters who have left him and that his credibility is gone. Najib cited Chandra Muzzafar, Ezam Mohd Nor, Anuar Shaari and Zulkifli Nordin. Najib said that there were many more and a billboard will not be big enough to show all their pictures.

Najib claims that the Opposition only knows how to sell promises that, in Najib’s opinion, cannot be fulfilled. He calls for the people not to believe Anwar and the Opposition.

Najib made these remarks soon after a barrage of uncouth allegations on Anwar’s sexuality were made public by Nallaaruppan, Ezam, Anuar and Umi Hafilda (Azmin’s sister). This team is probably tasked to smear Anwar to the maximum and are very disposable once their antics are no longer accepted by the public. Utusan Malaysia obviously capitalized on the “news”.

Don’t they know that Malaysians are tired of such trashy antics? People are suffering and tabloid news makes things worse. It makes Malaysians want to puke each time Nalla, Ezam and Umi open their mouth. Unfortunately, that’s all they appear to be good for. Why don’t they spend some time commenting about the highway projects awarded to Umno linked companies? How about NFC? But these cases are too difficult for shallow minds to fathom.

So, is Anwar really unqualified to be a PM? The people on the street as well as many Umno supporters actually think otherwise. It is not that everybody likes Anwar. He is well emphasized due to the unimaginable persecution of his person. It is also the common feeling that he is better qualified to be a PM than Najib can ever be except that he is not in Umno. But what is clear to Malaysians is that Anwar is not the savior but a change agent, possibly the best catalyst the country has especially at this time.

So there are many close Anwar supporters who left. So what? Good riddance to bad apples will be what PKR can say. In politics, people come and go. There are no permanent enemies unless you make them to be. Maybe these few so-called close supporters of Anwar have decided to burn the bridge with their trashy talk. Maybe that’s all they are good for. Just maybe. But who cares?

The Opposition is not just Anwar. The Government is not just Najib. The GE13 is not a beauty contest. BN continues to trumpet their transformation agenda while PR goes for change. To each their strategy and whatever it takes to win the GE. But for Malaysians who are voting, it is beyond politics.

Malaysians want a Government who can make the nation prosperous again, peaceful again, grow again, move forward again, and be totally responsible to future generations who are going to grow up here. And to do all these things without getting us to become a bankrupt state.

So who is the right party to govern this beloved country of Malaysia?

We call for Najib and Anwar to show us publicly. No more rhetorics. No more trashy talk. Just the facts, the strategy, the clear and concrete way forward. No more unaccountable actions by executives. No more dipping into EPF. No more mega leakages. No more unsuccessful projects. Everything now must turn to gold or the government must go!

We just have no more time for anyone to fool around any longer. Will the most responsible party to run the government please stand up and be counted?

We have the track record of Najib’s administration of running Malaysia. We get transformation programs with highly questionable projects and statistics. We also have the track record of Selangor, Penang and Kelantan as run by the Opposition. And the results speaks voluminous and Malaysians know clearly who can actually govern Malaysia and grow our economy.

Stop the pot shots and focus on the tangible actions for Malaysians in Malaysia. It is open season to fix the economy. Forget about Anwar. Only those who fear him will smear him.

Here comes GE13 before we know it. Take stock and go just do it!


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