NFC Distractions – Re-tender Whitewash

As if shifting the public focus of NFC to the court is not enough, Noh Omar announced that they will re-tender the project. This is a serious case of shadow play here.

We already commented that Mohammad Salleh, Shahrizat’s husband, will be acquitted as there is really no case. This was done to appease the public outcry as well as the rumblings within Umno. It is a gem of a strategy to shut up the Opposition.

However, even with Shahrizat ending her cabinet post, she remained adamant to retain her Umno Wanita chief post and that struck a major chord of disdain with her Deputy and ex-Wanita Chief Rafidah. Najib managed to keep the internal conflict under wraps and declared that Wanita Chief Shahrizat will lead them into the GE13. Nevertheless, the emotions are still boiling underneath that facade.

To take it a step further, Noh Omar announced to re-tender the NFC Project which now appears as the most foolish step taken thus far. It smacks the faces of Muhyiddin who said the project was successful. It spits into the faces of Malaysians thinking that this solves the NFC fiasco.

The truth is that it doesn’t at all.

This is a feeble attempt to further distract and pull wool over the eyes of the public. This time, the public knows all too well that the attempt smells like a cover up.

Firstly, the MOA did not cancel the NFC project from Aeroscience. There is nothing to award regardless if who tenders.

Secondly, the RM250m load was extended to NFCorp, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aerosciences. The AG 2010 Report stated that RM130m has already been disbursed. Not a single cent has been repaid. Unconfirmed sources say that NFCorp does not have to repay any interest if the full Ram250m is not disbursed. However, reports had it that there were no collaterals nor Directors personal guarantee. This means that MOF has nothing to hold NFCorp if they decide not to repay at all.

Hence, did Noh Omar think that a new successful tender has the legal control of the project and that another RM250m to be given as a soft loan yet again? Then how much is the NFC project going to cost us Malaysians?

It is unforgivable if MOF is unable to recover the load extended to NFCorp.

It is even more unforgivable if MOA doubles the cost of the project with a new tender.

All in all, there is no way that Najib’s Administration can wrangle themselves out without an appropriate and adequate resolution which is not a court case shadow play or a re-tender whitewash.

The only acceptable closure to the NFC debacle is the clear progress of a successful project implementation with an appropriate cost. Either the Shahrizats make the project work or give back everything to the Government to start again.

There is no way Malaysians will ever let this slide and nobody will look the other way or show pity if the Government was to lose the RM250m loan.

A lot of heads will roll!


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