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April 2, 2012

Najib says subsidies to continue but for how long more?

In tonight’s live telecast of PM Najib’s ETP/GTP Report, his overriding theme was how much subsidy that the Government is making for the people. The change from subsidy rationalization to continuing to have more subsidies stems from the Government’s focus to cost of living. (read here).

How convenient to spin this subsidy tall tale. Malaysia has been a highly subsidised nation for a long time and continued unabated subsidies will certainly bring the Government to its knees very soon.

In a previous posting, we already suggested that it is definitely necessary to cut subsidies but not until Government wastage and leakages are reined in.

There is no point in making Malaysians suffer more while reading how the Government paid mega millions and billions more for goods and services others pay a fraction for.

Furthermore, the rise in cost of living began with the previous PM Abdullah Badawi and followed closely by PM Najib in raising the fuel prices. This caused an unimaginable ripple effect on cost of living – upwards!

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