Najib says subsidies to continue but for how long more?

In tonight’s live telecast of PM Najib’s ETP/GTP Report, his overriding theme was how much subsidy that the Government is making for the people. The change from subsidy rationalization to continuing to have more subsidies stems from the Government’s focus to cost of living. (read here).

How convenient to spin this subsidy tall tale. Malaysia has been a highly subsidised nation for a long time and continued unabated subsidies will certainly bring the Government to its knees very soon.

In a previous posting, we already suggested that it is definitely necessary to cut subsidies but not until Government wastage and leakages are reined in.

There is no point in making Malaysians suffer more while reading how the Government paid mega millions and billions more for goods and services others pay a fraction for.

Furthermore, the rise in cost of living began with the previous PM Abdullah Badawi and followed closely by PM Najib in raising the fuel prices. This caused an unimaginable ripple effect on cost of living – upwards!

With mega billion highway projects newly awarded which the figures are highly suspect, the list goes on and the Government is totally unchecked in the ways this country’s debts will soar.

Indeed, then our National Debt is just 2% below the threshhold and our DFM says there is nothing to worry, we must really ask ourselves who is really planning, strategising and driving our Malaysian economy.

PM Najib tonight spun a subsidy tale contrary to what was said 2 years ago when Idris Jala told us we will be heading for disaster if we continue the subsidy mentality

Election Speech

Najib is playing an election feel good spin that his administration is focusing on the people. Of course, his People First slogan comes to play.

But for how long? All experts point to right after the GE13 is over and Najib will take a totally different stance that none of us will like. He has to rein in the National Debt and in so doing, cut subsidies and raise taxes. Yes, GST will come by then.

So fellow Malaysians, tonight is an election speech with no sincerity of continuing on this path. This course of action is a feel good strategy to position the Government and Najib himself as the good guys.

The fact of the matter is that all of these problems we are facing are largely, not totally, caused by the Government starting from Mahathir, then Badawi and now Najib.

Perhaps, Najib did the most damage by not doing anything concrete for the nation. He dare not take the tough decisions, always seen waffling and now called names like flip-flop.

And that is what Najib seems to be. Play up the hype so that he can be confident to call the GE13 to get legitimately elected as PM. You cannot fault him for he has no clear mandate. Not from Malaysians, not from BN and definitely not within Umno.

All his feel good becomes feel nothing or worse, feel bad, soon after he implements his PR strategies. There is no time that is a right time for the GE13. It is all a mess right now and he does not see it.

His advisors are possibly the worst money can buy. They tell him what he wants to hear and advise him to take a wrong course of action. Those who say the right things to do are silenced and made to tow a different line.

How to win the hearts of Malaysians

This is what PM Najib needs to do to be sure of a win.

  1. Make the tough decisions for the sake of all Malaysians.
  2. Cut the Umno cronyism. It is Malaysia first, not the party.
  3. Defy Mahathir and execute Najib’s plans to save the economy.
  4. Stop the flip-flop announcements to test water and just do it if it is good and right for the nation.
  5. We need a Statesman PM, not a Public Relations PM.
  6. A decisive PM who is not afraid to walk the talk and do the best thing for all Malaysians. Not one who plays to the Umno gallery.

When we see this PM in action, all Malaysians will know who to vote for without the RM500 angpow like the recent slew of handouts.

Can we see PM Najib behaving this way? And soon?

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