Najib: Don’t Change Drivers … Only If

Datuk Seri Najib Razak called on Malaysians tonight not to switch to a “dangerous” government in coming polls after his administration claimed it had exceeded last year’s targets for its transformation plans.

The prime minister reminded voters in a live televised address that “we need a capable driver that can streamline all factors to ensure the vehicle arrives at its destination at the appointed time safely.” (read here).

It is very interesting and amusing to find our PM pleading with Malaysians not to change the Government. The only reason he is saying this is that his grassroot feedback tells him that all is not well and the support for his administration is not good. In fact, he is showing signs of desperation to engage Malaysians this way.

A PM in real power and driving seat will not need to say such things or eat humble pie. A PM who is really driving should already know where he is taking the country is a better place and the passengers, us Malaysians, will be happy even though the ride may be very bumpy and difficult?

It is this type of PM who can make the hard decisions and get real results and not some public relations ETP report that moves the economy. We need the PM who is really driving and knows where he is taking the people. And not down the hell hole either.

Government statistics which is truthful and accurate can only be gleaned AFTER the people on the street already felt, suffered and possibly many died in the economic quake.

The Government only made the announcement recently that inflation has hit a high. Malaysians have been feeling it for years and many suffered the effects of a soaring inflation with no increase in salary. It is only recently that the Government began looking at increasing civil servants pay and that too they bungled and focused only on the top echelon while the rest gets peanuts.

Malaysians do not need the PM to plead with us not to change the Government. Show us concrete things you are doing to help us improve our lives. Not handouts, not giveaways. We need substance and continuity in clear terms that every Malaysian will understand.

Not a fantasy “windfall” for some, RM500 for others and billions for the few.

Tell us, who does not want a RM250 million loan with no collateral or guarantee and a mere 2% interest? Who does not want a RM500 million commission? Then you ask Malaysians to keep you in office?

NKRA, ETP, GTP, 1Malaysia, XYZ all sound hollow and meaningless. Everything you do revolves around continuing subsidies without a clue of other strategies to move us out of the subsidy era. Telling us how much the Government is subsidizing this and that helps us with nothing but scorn. It is how else the Government can and must do to cut excessive spending, curb leakages, optimize expenses, eliminate waste, and be smart, really smart with our fiscal policies that will give Malaysia hope of a brighter future.

With a backdrop of a General Election, PM Najib will only do what he must to create the perception of feel good. He has not touched on accountability, transparency, responsibility and genuine strategies of growth.

Najib may just end up on the losing end. Whether he remains the PM or not depends on how smart and brave he can be in the coming months. Either the people with throw him out or Umno will do the honors. That is the likely scenario for the moment. Other alternatives are unlikely as sure as the sun rises from the east.


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