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April 29, 2012

SA Senator Nick Xenophon has been gassed in a crackdown by riot police using teargas to in Kuala Lumpur.

Speaking by mobile phone to AdelaideNow while an armed escort attempts to move his party out of the area as tear gas canisters continue to be launched at protestors, Senator Xenophon said the police “had gone nuts, people are panicking and starting to run”.

Senator Xenophon is in Malaysia with six international delegates at the invitation of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim on a fact finding mission to investigate electoral processes including gerrymanders, with an election expected around June.

Senator Xenophon said so far he had been gassed three times and at one stage more than a dozen canisters rained down near him as he tried to leave.

Estimates of the crowd vary, with Senator Xenophon putting it at 200,000 people.

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April 29, 2012

428 Malaysian Spirit

The Malaysians who thronged the city around Dataran Merdeka and the roads leading to it were peaceful. They sang the national anthem Negara Ku (My Country) and chanted Bersih! Bersih! along the way. There were grandpas, grandmas, papas, mamas, sons and daughters including some who came in their wheelchairs joining forces in full solidarity together. They were from all racial communities and included a number of foreign visitors who joined in.

And they were a truly peaceful bunch of friendly people in the true Malaysian muhibbah spirit enjoying themselves. They were only there for a clean and fair election. They were having fun.

Here are some interesting pictures contributed by many people who were there at the duduk bantah yesterday! Hope it puts a smile on your faces.

Golly gee! High platform sandals are back in fashion.

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April 29, 2012

428 Magnificent Day for Malaysians


Malaysians thronged KL city at 6 locations and slowly proceeded towards Dataran Merdeka for a peaceful sit down protest. The police estimated 25,000 but Bersih estimated 250,000. Those who were there today believes there are at the very least well over 100,000 Malaysians who gave their voices and presence to call for a clean and fair election.

The police shot tear gas and chemical laced water at protestors towards the end of the duduk bantah event claiming protestors broke through the barricades. The ugly and indiscriminate firing of tear gas gave Malaysian a bad taste believing that there was no reason to retaliate that way. The police actually moved into the city to clear the protestors even though they were already dispersed.

Regardless of any trouble makers in crowds of such immense proportions, Malaysians have clearly sent a signal to our PM Najib very loud and very clear that they want a clean and fair election. It is evident that the PAC report did not go down well with Malaysians as it did not fix the problems but made it worse. Most demands were ignored or made it easier for fraud to happen.

Will the Government listen and heed the demands to make the changes before the next General Election?

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