428 Bersih Mayhem – Serious Questions for the Police


The immediate reaction of BN after 200,000 Malaysians voiced full support for a clean and fair election under Bersih 3.0 was the casting of blame and aspersions on the Opposition. They hijacked Bersih and incited violence. BN used the national dailies to smear Bersih to negate its effects and to neutralize the magnificent solidarity of Malaysians.

We read that it was the Opposition members who breached the barricades. We read of a police car being overturned. We hear of blame squarely placed on Bersih by Muhyiddin. We read of policemen injured. We read of Hishamuddin saying the police acted professionally and the protestors were the unruly ones. We read of Hishamuddin saying taking equipment and memory card from members of the media is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which has since been contradicted by the IGP.


  • did we hear why the police car was overturned?
  • Did we have proof that it was the Opposition members who breached the barricades?
  • Did you not see members of the media being brutally beaten and their equipment and memory cards destroyed?
  • Did you not see how innocent Malaysians were attacked without any reason and totally indiscriminately by FRU with loads of tear gas and tons of chemical laced water?
  • Did you not see how innocent Malaysians were assaulted in a brutal manner?
  • Did you not hear of people who changed into yellow Bersih tshirts and provoked the breach of the barricades?
  • Did you not see the police wall move away to entice the crowd to breach the barricades?


Lots of questions that must be answered but there is some pressing questions that Najib and Hishamuddin must be held fully responsible for.

1. Why were barbed barricades erected around Dataran Merdeka like a war zone? Is this how the Government and police treat peaceful Malaysians, like terrorists? They forgot who pay their salaires. They forgot who are the masters of the country. The people, of course.

2. Why did the police move away from the human wall at the barricade? To entrap or tempt people to breach the barricades? Obviously, since this will seem very enticing to some hard headed political members. They just wait for the excuse to act.

3. How come the police did not arrest all of the culprits they say breached the barricades? For some mysterious reason, none of these perpetrators are to be found. Why? Aren’t the police supposed to apprehend anyone who breached the law?

4. Instead of arresting the culprits who breached the barricades, why did the police open fire with tear gas on innocent Malaysians in a never ending way and totally indiscriminately? Why attack? Why treat Malaysians as criminals and terrorists? Why beat up innocent protestors and members of the media? Why chase the protestors with water cannons way beyond Dataran Merdeka? Why did the police not let the people disperse and lockdown the LRT stations?

From the videos and reports, the police attacked the crowd right after the barricades were breached. Why did this happen? The police is to maintain security, not cause insecurity. It appears that the retaliation by the FRU around Dataran Merdeka at all the barricades were premeditated. It appears that there were only vicious attacks on innocent protestors instead of arresting the people who breached the barricades.

The front line Bersih leaders had clearly instructed all the protesters at the barricades that under no circumstance should anyone cross the barricades. Whoever crosses the line is on their own. The Bersih objective is to sit down and protest and go home when it is over. There was no malice, no ulterior motives, no hint of violence or doing anything illegal like crossing the barricades.

So whoever crossed the line must be brought to justice but they are mysteriously not to be found. Instead, innocent people suffering from tear gas and chemical laced water effects were beaten and arrested. Where is the justice? The police did not do their job. They failed the people.

Najib. Muhyiddin. Hishamuddin. The people are very disappointed with your negative reactions and retaliation on attacking innocent Malaysians. You have given no answers to simple and obvious questions above. You wave your finger at everybody else while enjoying yourself in Sabah when 200,000 people thronged KL.

It is obvious now that they are shocked by the sheer mega number of Malaysians who turned out to stand in solidarity for a clean and fair election and nothing more. By inciting anger in Malaysians in the days running up to kast Saturday, they never expected in their wildest dreams that 200,000 Malaysians would bother to come together on a searing hot Saturday.

Now, Malaysia demands answers. Malaysians want election reforms before the next General Election. But secretly behind everybody’s mind, this will be hoping against hope. The present Government will not concede an inch. Then Malaysians will know what to do at the ballot boxes come General Election next month.

There is still time for Najib to make things right for Malaysians before the next GE. But will he do it? That’s the million dollar question.


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