DAP, Tunku Aziz and Dissent

The unfortunate episode where Tunku Aziz finally quit DAP has occured. Much has been said by many people but in the final analysis, a highly respected individual like Tunku has gone down the path in a distasteful way.

Is it that DAP cannot handle dissent? On the contrary. Just as in Pakatan Rakyat, they have plenty of issues they cannot agree on but they can agree to disagree. You can’t see that in Barisan Nasional. If you disagree, keep it to yourself.

Tunku Aziz has stood up for many good and noble issues during his time as the leader of Transparency Malaysia International (TMI). He spoke fearlessly and without favor. The people loved him as a genuine and honest and sincere leader of the society. But those were the days.

When in a collective leadership in an organization like the DAP, Tunku forgets that he is not the TMI head any longer. He is neither the DAP head either. So when he takes a public stand against party position, he became the embarrassment for the DAP leadership. It is no longer about dissent. Once it becomes a public matter, Tunku has breached his honor to the party.

Tunku is not a politician material for sure. He doesn’t know how to conduct himself as such. He allows himself and the party he represents to be flayed by the Opposition BN parties. Finally, the announced his resignation from DAP on NTV7 before he actually resigned from the party and before any DAP leaders knew about his intention. He has shown himself to be a “mole” used by people who opposed DAP.

Clearly, if dissenting views exist and they did between Tunku and DAP, he should have made his views clearly to them and leave it there. DAP is not Tunku and it is not TMI. Airing dissenting views as diametrically opposed to the stand of the party and clearly against the Bersih 3.0 position left a bad taste to the professionalism of Tunku who for so many years were a beacon of light to the nation. In one selfish and obstinate act, Tunku may have done the irreversible act of washing away his past glory. Such is the reality of politics.

When a dissenting view is aired in public for whatever the personal reasons may be, it is an act of aggression and escalation. It is a clear disrespect to the parties whom you oppose their views. Once in public, there is no turning back. The due course is now played out for Tunku. No longer a Senator and no longer a party member.

Is it worth it? Why did he do it this way? Only Tunku alone will know and no amount of speculation can change things.

Sadly, a chapter of a well honored public leader has ended and it is now more than likely that Umno will offer him something to join them which will then be touted as a coup over DAP and Pakatan Rakyat.

No matter what Tunku decides, whether to come back into the political limelight or retire in peace, we wish him well!


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