One Million Youths at Putrajaya

Najib was hoping to regain public appearance of support and wipe off the dismal Umno gathering at Bukit Jalil against the backdrop of over 200,000 Malaysians at the recent Bersih 3.0 Sit-In Protest. And surely a carnival party he did throw.

Bernama reported an obviously inflated two million youths during the the five day event which ended last night. It was a much needed rousing support that Najib needed to show that BN and Umno remains strong.

Tearing the hype aside, school children made up of most of the crowd and getting out to a carnival at the end of a school term out of class seems fabulous to most kids. The number of events held ensured that there were enough entertainment to spread around so that none of them will get bored. A bad show by the drag race saw an accident that warded four spectators with seventeen others hurt leading to a cancellation of that event.

So, regardless of how the TV showed the spirit of Najib smothering the crowd, there appeared to be no comparison to the Umno rally nor the Bersih Protest.

Few questions that can be honestly asked.

1. Would anyone come out if they were to do it without canceling classes?

2. Were anyone given pocket money or other allowances of any kind as incentives to attend?

3. Were there any official instruction to school principals or parents to “encourage” participation?

4. Would they have gone if there were possible threats of police action including tear gas and water canons?

5. What were they standing up for? What is their cause? Or was it fun, fun, fun?

6. Who provided the transportation? Surely if there was the 2 million people attending, the logistics would have been a nightmare. Who fed them? So much for the Bernama inflated count,

Surely, if one is to be honest, a youth carnival is a good thing but to hype it up like Najib did on TV went overboard to being political with our young people. It did not bolster the direction for our young people into the future but more on BN this and that.

Don’t compare this as a support for BN else the above questions will haunt BN forever.

The focus of this event should return to the development and growth of the young people to be our next generation of leaders. Who don’t want fun and games? But when it is masked for a show of support for Najib, this country’s administration is sick.

It does appear that every event held nowadays seems to be driven as a show of political support for Najib. He is ferociously hungry for publicity that he fears anything less is a failing support for him and BN. The reality is that such events mean nothing as support for his political strength. He keeps forgetting that he is the PM and he must fix the nation’s woes, not throw more party and give away more money just to “syiok sendiri”.

One strange theme that Najib had set for this event was entitled “Today is Better than Tomorrow”. Is he telling them that next year will be worse? Or the next event will be less pomp? Why is Najib fixated on today and tell everybody that tomorrow is bad? Very odd indeed.

Where are you, Mr PM, in running this country? Seems you are running away from your inherited responsibility!


One Comment to “One Million Youths at Putrajaya”

  1. I was the at the youth carnival. It was a gud event thou.. It was like a kokurikulum for the high school student since the midterm exam was over. So a lil fun @ gud social life education wont do any harm to their studies. 😉

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