Malaysia’s Scorpene Nightmare

A breaking news by Free Malaysia Today told of how our PM Najib and others may be subpoenaed to appear in a French Court case against DCNS, the company which sold two Scorpene class submarines to Malaysia.

There is a possibility of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi being issued an international warrant of arrest if they fail to adhere to French subpoenas to assist in the Scorpene submarine corruption inquiry.

Suaram’s French lawyer Joseph Breham told a press conference in Bangkok today that the French judges hearing the inquiry have discretionary powers to ask the Interpol to issue a red notice (an international warrant of arrest) against witnesses who failed to submit to the French court. (read here).

This is a front page news that never made it to the Main Stream Media like NST, Star or Utusan Malaysia. There seems to be a media gag on this matter which many believes will snowball into something so big that will explode in the faces of our Cabinet and Umno.

According to the new article by FMT, even Umno may be
implicated in the money trail in this court case. The French Court appears to wield full power over its cases and will not be swayed by any VVIP, not from France nor from Malaysia. Many people are anticipating a lot of previously unknown evidence will be tabled in court and may implicate some very high ranking Government officials including Umno. This is still left to be seen in the not too distant future.

This baggage that seems to be dragged around Najib’s feet needs to be quickly removed far, far away from him else he and the party Umno will be primed for an Opposition roasting of the grandest scale. He may even lose the GE13 and the Umno Presidency. A lot is at stake here.

Notwithstanding the alleged bribery of Government officials is true or not, it is bad news for a major election campaign. It is no longer PKR or DAP throwing pot shots at Najib but a French Court having the ability to compel Najib and Zahidi to appear in court will be a major blow indeed.

The Scorpene submarines deal ran into billions of Ringgits for the purchase and another few billion Ringgits for the maintenance of the same. The alleged amount of kickback ran into the hundreds of million of Ringgits. This makes the NFC debacle pale in comparison.

Whether this case is able to tie to another case in Malaysia concerning a certain Mongolian lady, time will tell but it will give the Opposition parties a very powerful ammunition to shoot down Umno and Najib.

Will Dr Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Hishamuddin or Mukhriz or other hidden Umno hands move quickly now before events overtake their plans? The GE13 guessing game nonsense has peeved every politician and Malaysian voter but more so the foreign investors. No investors like unknowns and that is bad for business. But Najib thrives in it unfortunately. There are no long term strategy but every public demonstration of “care” by giving away RM100, RM200 and RM500 to students and deserving households served as a short term popularity uplift rather than fundamental economic reparations.

The next few weeks will see if this Scorpene case will stir the snakes in the grass or Najib’s enemies will let this slip.


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