Malaysia Round Up of Interesting Happenings

Selepas Tsunami (After the Tsunami) by

This is an excellent video that attempts to show what changes are and have taken place since the 2008 GE 12. It is a 36 minutes video and a very well produced documentary. Click on the link below to check it out.

Selepas Tsunami (After the Tsunami)

Ali Hamsa is a Partisan KSN

In his interview reply to NST, this was what he was reported to have said:

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 — The newly appointed chief secretary to the government has told his charges to be loyal to the incumbent, saying they should not be fooled by the opposition’s “empty promises.”

“They should know better. Don’t be taken in by empty promises,” former Public Private Partnership Unit (UKAS) director-general Datuk Seri Dr Ali Hamsa said in reply to a question by the Umno-controlled New Straits Times on promises by the federal opposition.

“As civil servants, we must be loyal to the King and serve the government of the day. It is important that we know our role as civil servants and carry out our responsibilities well,” said the top civil servant, who was promoted this week, in an interview published by the English daily.

Read here.

He started on the wrong foot having appeared to be a BN hireling rather than the honorable office of the Chief Secretary to lead a 1.4 million strong civil service.

He completely missed the mission of the job when he said that civil servants are to serve the government of the day. The Civil Service is to serve the PEOPLE (Rakyat) of the land. They serve all Malaysians who pay taxes to fund their salaries. It is service to the people, not BN and not Pakatan Rakyat (if they ever come to power).

As the Chief Secretary, he is to lead by example, without fear or favor to the government of the day, to ensure that service to the people be met at the highest level of legal and moral conduct. It is Najib’s slogan “People First”. Not BN first.

Najib: Ignore “Pendatang” Slurs

PM Najib was reported to have told the Chinese voters to not be too concerned about certain leaders making “Pendatang” slurs with reference to them.

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 — Malaysian Chinese are not “pendatang (immigrants)” and those who labelled the community as such were “lunatics”, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today in an apparent attempt to court the group.

The prime minister said this in reply to a comment by a participant in a dialogue session with Chinese youths today, where it was noted that not all government leaders had followed Najib’s 1 Malaysia policy, with some calling the Chinese “pendatang”.

“What’s important is that Malaysia’s leaders do not consider [Malaysian Chinese] as pendatang,” Najib said.

“Even in Malaysia, we have one or two lunatics; don’t take it too personally,” he said, referring to those who had hurled the word against the Chinese.

Read here.

If Malaysia’s leaders (read Umno leaders in the Government) do not consider Malaysian Chinese as pendatang, what do they really consider them? Najib has never been explicit about this and his Government has never taken to task on any Umno leaders who made this insinuation. There were a few action on teachers who happen to follow these utterances and were reprimanded or transferred. Now we do not subscribe to them being investigated under the Sedition Act which is a totally unfair Act that must be rescinded. They should be charged for inciting hatred against a fellow Malaysian. More of such people have gone unpunished because they were not reported, especially in the BTN workshops, according to some reports.

In any case, to help BN make the case, Najib should just come out and say what they consider all non-Malays in the country to let this pass once for all. Are they not Malaysians? Are they not equal in the eye of the law and the Constitution? Or are they a lower class of citizens? Just be clear about this will help voters decide in the next General Election.

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