LGBT – They are Malaysians too!

Why is there such a strong sentiment against Malaysians who have a different sexual orientation than ourselves? Are we being “holier than thou” to these groups of people? PM Najib recently lamented on US President Obama’s stand on same sex marriage (read here)

Firstly, we want to establish the position that we hold to the truth of a union between a man and a woman in a marriage. So we differ from Obama.

Secondly, we accept the fact that there are those who have a different sexual orientation than our own position. So we agree to disagree.

Thirdly, we believe that there is no need to create LGBT rights as in other Western countries to facilitate their practice of sexual orientation. There are sufficient rights to recognize them as a citizen of the country and enshrined in the Constitution for various groups identified. We believe there is no need to create new ones to accommodate them. Essentially, we recognize them as individuals and citizens of Malaysia having the same rights as all Malaysians in the Constitution and no more than that.

Having said that, there is no need to look down on people regardless of sexual orientation or skin color. Having a holier than thou attitude will make Malaysians a sad group of people thinking they themselves are ever so great and righteous and all others are sinful. When we are in a country beset by many serious allegations of corruption and abuse of power, why are we focusing on LGBT?

The entire uproar came from the banning of Sexualty Merdeka in November 2011 (read here). The awkwardness of the Government’s decision to ban this festival stems from the fact that this has been held as an annual event since 2008 without any issues. So why ban the event now? Did the Government just wake up? The organizers intended for people to be more aware of LGBT and to help gain general acceptance in social life. In essence, LGBT are human beings too.

LGBT is a minority and though they differ from general society norms and values, there is no need to belittle them nor to call them names nor to victimize them. That is just immoral and sinful to say the least. Who amongst us is without sin to be able to judge others?

Let all Malaysians learn to accept each other as we are without forcing our values and morals on others who don’t share the same with us. As long as it is upon us to live peaceably with others, we should do so without encroaching the rights of others as enshrined in the Constitution.

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2 Comments to “LGBT – They are Malaysians too!”

  1. This is a great post that clearly explains the points you have in mind. I agree with your views that there is a needless victimization of the LGBT minority. I do however think that it has a lot to do with having a common ‘enemy’ to rally support for certain political efforts. It is pitiful that these are the tactics they have to resort to as there seems to be a lack of positive changes that will actually help the nation move forward.

    What good is there to antagonize and ostracize functional and contributing citizens of the nation? Their sexual orientation does not cause disruption to any form of development for the country. It does not incapacitate them to perform whichever profession they choose. Gay marriage isn’t the enemy to the sanctity of marriage. Divorce is.

    As you said, Let all malaysians learn tolerance and to live by their own values without imposing them on others.

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