Absurdities in Malaysia – Signs of GE13 round the corner

There are many absurd things happening in Malaysia that baffles the man on the street. Why are things that matter not being worked on? Like inflation, corruption, jobs, etc? Here is a round up of absurdities this week.

1. Lie Detector Test

MIC Welfare and Social Bureau deputy chairman R Ramanan was reported to have called for Penang MB Lim GE, his wife and a woman alleged by MCA that he had an affair with to take the lie detector test (read here).

What will politicans dream of nowadays? First, they make wild allegations in Parliament. Then it is presumed to be true by the MSM. The lie detector test is novel and perhaps all BN politicians should take it. Are we living in a “you are guilty until you prove your innocence“? And MCA Gan dare not repeat that allegation outside of Parliament. So who is the scardy cat now? Abusing the Parliamentary freedom of speech with unfounded allegations only for political mileage. Gutter politics is a sign of politicians impoverished of focusing on things that matter. At least

Vell Paari, who is also the party’s public relations and communications chief of MIC, had the decency to disapprove of Ramanan’s crap but stopped short of censuring him.

2. Polls Expenses from 40m to 700m

This must be the age of Malaysian Government printing money where our PM Najib is going around behaving like Santa Claus giving away RM100 there, RM500 here. Then the quarterly request for budget increase for 2012 over what was tabled last year, 30B here and there.

So the Election Commission must have caught the vision from Najib that they too can do the same. They have requested RM700m to conduct the next General Election, the most expensive in history. Obviously, poor Malaysians are not aware that the EC is trying to get into the Malaysian Guinness Book of Records for spending the most in Malaysian history. Malaysia Boleh! (read here).

Who stands to benefit from this out-of-the-world increase in expenses? EC should declare to all Malaysians because they are paying for this.

3. Crime Awareness on the Rise

Just when DPM Muhyiddin and IGP Ismail Omar declared that Malaysia’s crime rate has gone down, a spate of revealing crime episodes are now all over the social media. The awareness that crime is on the rise is contrary to all the claims made by the IGP and DPM.

Of late, we read of how ladies are preyed on at the carparks and quiet areas by snatch thieves, robbers on motorcycles breaking your side window to grab valuables and handbags, robbers entering houses to relieve owners of their valuables, robbing ATMs of their cash, robbing at knife point, and kidnapping in broad daylight. Just read the FB, blogs and now the newspapers.

We are not safe in Malaysia. Even expats know that (read here). And they are not politically aligned. They are very concerned about their safety while our IGP and DPM buries their heads in the sand declaring Malaysia is one of the safest countries around the region.

4. Inflation is closer to 8%

Finally, we have smart people in Malaysia indeed. A very enlightening piece written by Sam Chee Kong (read here) reveals how the Government misled Malaysians by understating that inflation was below 3%. Just when every Malaysian knows that their money cannot go as far as before but not able to spew statistics does not make them idiots. Malaysians know they are suffering. Only the Government says Malaysians are a lucky bunch. What baloney!

If inflation is really 8% now, we can expect it to go even higher after the GE13 if BN wins again. They will further remove subsidies of RON95 which we should see it go up to RM2.30 and the introduction of the long drawn GST of 6% on all goods and services. This will further burden middle and lower income Malaysians beyond what they can bear as the economy remains stagnated.

So are there good times awaiting us after GE13 if BN wins?

You be the judge!

3 Comments to “Absurdities in Malaysia – Signs of GE13 round the corner”

  1. Can you tolerate another day an incumbent Gov’t BN whose gratitude to you for electing them is: Manipulating, gerrymandering, hoodwinking, controlling media and freedom, brutality, promoting racism, appointing & feeding cronies, massive purchases & projects with mulit-million kickbacks; plundering and mis-managed losses estimated to surpass US$100billion. US$100 bil is 100,000 mil US$. All for 55 ys? No contest! Not another thought or word! Not another hour! Vote them out!

  2. Opposition-held Kapar needed a staggering 112,224 voters for a member of parliament, but Malay Putrajaya only needed 6,008 votes; 17 times less than Kapar. Deceit; gerrymandering; State-controlled media; vote buying; postal votes; useless ink, illegal immigrants etc boost phantom voters into multi-million names; public offices & machinery used to support votes for a government that stole elections for some 55 yrs. No contest! Not another thought or word! Not another hour! Vote them out!

  3. Foreigners are predicting the fall of BN/UMNO/PBB, & ascendance of PR/PKR/DAP/PAS. Corruption is a crime. We urge all cronies, TanSris, Datuks, YBs to heed your conscience and dignity and withdraw support for the criminals now. Hopefully they’ll be granted amnesty from prosecution. Twitter quote: ‘Mubarak cried and resisted leaving the helicopter that took him to prison. Why do dictators love to act like big babies’ Let this, Gaddaffi & Saddam etc be a warning to others. Jumping ships and a domino effect has started! Pundits expect this to set in motion a domino effect as Sabah leaders fled the decaying BN, helping to pave the way for the country’s first regime change in 55 years… God is wonderful and BN is crumbling like Idi Amin, Suharto, Marcos, Ben Ali, Mubarak, Gaddafi & Assad in Syria.

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