Chua Blames Pakatan Rakyat for S114A of Evidence Act

One can’t help but laugh at MCA President Chua Soi Lek at blaming Pakatan Rakyat for the inclusion of Section 114A into the Evidence Act.

The party who put that in is the BN Government of which he is a part of.

The reason he blames Pakatan Rakyat is that they failed to stop it.

What a blast of stupidity and absurdity in the superlative! And Chua SL has a medical degree which probably gave him a permanent head damage (wink!).

You can pick it up from here.

Malaysians remember that the Evidence Act amendment was bulldozed through Parliament together with many others with little time to study or debate.

Chua SL has surely lost his head and the plot and the support of Malaysian voters with this silly blame the everyone can see through him.

Dr Chua, you have made the joke and became the joker of the day yet again!


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