iPhone 5 is finally announced


Apple has finally announced the iPhone 5. After much awaiting from last year, the baby is here. Singapore will receive it come September 21. There is much cheer and a lot more skepticism this time round. Here’s a quick round up on this smart phone leader.

The iPhone 5 now spots a lengthened body giving a full 4-inch retina display. There is now 5 rows for icons instead of the previous 4 rows.

On a cursory glance, the looks remain very much similar but not identical to the iPhone 4S. The general shape is similar and the aluminium-glass construction gives it the classy feel. Reports by people who handled the phone tells us that the wow factor is the “weight-less-ness” of iPhone 5. While looking bigger, it actually weighs less, a whopping 20% less than the iPhone 4S. It should give us the same wow feeling when Samsung Galaxy S2 came out that the lack of weight just blew our socks off.

Then comes the intrinsic power. It is now packed with an A6 chip which runs even faster with a faster graphics processor than the A5. Which means that the iPhone 5 just zips through the screen changes faster and smoother than the iPhone 4S. But nobody actually complained that the iPhone 4S was slow. Composing a 360 shot shows an unparallel speed in stitching up the multiple frames.

Then comes the surprises.

The iPhone 5 now spots a “Lightning” connector doing away with the old ones. This allowed the iPhone 5 to be ultra slim and light. Ultimately, 3rd parties will come out with connectors to allow the iPhone 5 to use the vast array of accessories already available in the current connector format. Also pushing this further will be vendors making audio/visual connectivity to be wireless rather than using a dock in the near future thus making the iPhone 5 truly mobile in its connectivity.

It also comes with dual mics which you can’t really tell how it affects the recording just yet. Let’s just wait and see.

A final surprise for this time, the iPhone 5 uses the nano-SIM. It is smaller than the micro-SIM and is only available to few telco at this time. In Malaysia, they are still in the testing stage but Singtel in Singapore will probably be the first in the region to issue them for the September 21 iPhone 5 delivery.

Other than this, the iPhone 5 will beckon all iPhone lovers for sure. The top phone just got better without truly significant changes. It is definitely a great phone still nonetheless. It compares very well to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and will definitely out-perform it in all areas.

In short, if you have a Galaxy S3, you won’t be getting an iPhone 5. If you already have an iPhone 4S, chances are you will move on to the iPhone 5 in due time.

For now, consumers are spoilt with choices and Samsung has certainly whetted our appetites with their array of products from S2 to S3, Note to Note2 to Note 10.1 and the Tab family of various sizes. We hear that Apple will be announcing a 7-inch iPad soon.

More choices for this Christmas for sure.

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