2-Party System in Malaysia

Lim Boo Chang says that for a 2-party system to succeed in Malaysia, it can only work if all races have a stake in managing the country. He points out that a poor example is Penang being dominated by DAP representing the Chinese while PAS and PKR merely plays a secondary role (read here)

This is bull crap!

With due respect to our veteran politician, he has completely missed the point. His roots from the past must have gone so deep that racial politics flows in his vein. He forgets the old adage that “too many cooks spoil the broth”. How can we practice an inclusive brand of country management?

He still thinks the current BN leadership of the appearance to include multi-racial composition in the country management is the way to go. He forgets that there is only one party and one person who calls the shots. He is stuck in his old ways and alas posits a poor understanding of a better management model for the country.

The issue is on the quality of leadership to be the leaders of ALL Malaysians. By this, we mean that our leaders, regardless of race and religion they may be, should practice an inclusive strategy based on fundamental needs and national growth for ALL Malaysians. In this way, if any leaders practice forms of corruption, they are deemed to have strayed from this principle as they are taking away from the people whose fundamental needs must be met as well as from our country whose growth is at stake. If any leader only pays attention to a race rather than needs of people, he is deemed to have abandoned the greater good of the country.

In short, we should not care what race or religion the leaders belong to as long as they are capable and committed to care for all Malaysians and be the very leaders of all Malaysians. Their view must be one who will take the country to greater heights while ensuring all Malaysians are cared for. It is not a socialist view but a pragmatic view based on needs of Malaysians regardless of race or creed. They should not speak from all side of their mouths. They should not play to the gallery. Policies must be fair and just and strategic and impactful. Implementation must be vigorous and faithful and not have hidden agendas.

Nationalism is the key, not being racial or a religious bigot. Take care of the people (all Malaysians) and the country we live in and Malaysia will progress much faster than all our neighbors.

If only the dream of a 2-party system can attain such noble goals, otherwise, all is lost for our future generations. Regardless if it is BN or PR, any Malaysian leader must lead for all Malaysians. Nobody should be left behind.

Sorry, Mr Lim, but we think your line of thinking is out dated and you should reset your thoughts to a new progressive Malaysian leadership who will stand up and govern for all Malaysians rather than each looking after their own community.

In Malaysia, we should be ONE! United together to compete with the rest of the world. Which leaders can we depend on for such a dream?

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