Auditor General 2011 Report – A Far Cry from the 2010 Report Standard

Finally, the Auditor General 2011 Report has been released. And it is disappointing. Everything is watered down and summarized with minimal details so that nobody can make too much sense out of them. No wonder there was little hue and cry by interested parties. In fact, it has been particularly quiet on comments from any party.

To show you what we mean by a disappointing report standard, we suggest to use the infamous National Feedlot Project as an example. There has been a lot of public interest and awareness on this project and the NFCorp which Shahrizat’s husband and children were responsible for.

In the AG 2010 Report, there were 12 pages of details with tables and photos highlighting the shortcomings of this project. You can read more here.

This year in the AG 2011 Report, there is less than 1 page in summary form with little details to make much sense with. Here is the portion of the report on NFC.

Everything on NFC in the AG 2011 Report

It says nothing of:

a) NFCorp repayments of the soft loan

b) NFC status towards achieving the originally intended goals

c) specific actions that the Government has taken to ensure the project is successful

d) details of the shortcomings of the project since the previous report

So, fellow Malaysians, it is no wonder there are little comments from anybody since you cannot really make much sense of this report. A lot of pages about things you cannot really put a finger on since there are no specific details to understand from.

A far cry from the 2010 Report indeed. Is this the new standard for an Auditor General’s report?

If so, we are not serious about audit indeed. Everything is now not sugar coated but this time, there is no cake to sugar coat on.

What a whitewash of an audit! Now we know this report was not released on the same day of the Budget 2013 announcement not because the Opposition will find more bullets to shoot the Government but that the Opposition will not be able to find any bullets at all to make any real sense out of the report.

Malaysians will not know what went bad with the specific actions or inactions of the Government agencies this time. The last frontier of independence in the Auditor General is gone.


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