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November 15, 2012

Obama wins, Soros hails victory, where does Malaysia stand now?

Tun M has strongly voiced many conspiracy theories on how Soros is attempting to undermine Malaysia’s sovereignty even though he has met with Soros. And so did Najib. Actions by the Government on SUARAM to investigate the Soros link is contemptible.

Now that Obama has won the US Presidency with Soros’ support, what will Tun M and Najib say? Najib has wished Obama well. Everything about Soros is conveniently overlooked or ignored.

Will there now be a conspiracy that Soros will use the US Administration to weaken Malaysia?

In present times, anything may be said for the expedience of politics and avoidance of potential embarrassment from the Scorpene case in Paris where SUARAM is a plantiff. For now, Soros is the best bogeyman.

November 4, 2012

Portuguese 1511 Invasion of Melaka – Justification for Scorpene Subs

Read the joke of the day in TMI here.

KOTA KINABALU, Nov 2 — In 2002, The Royal Malaysia Navy (RMN) procured two French-made Scorpene submarines at the cost of RM3.4 billion. According to the RMN, the move was to prevent a repeat of the “1511 episode” when the Portuguese armada attacked and seized the port city of Malacca, famous for being the trading hub in Southeast Asia, at the time.
In the annals of Malaysian history, the Portuguese overwhelmed the defenders of Malacca after three days of heavy fighting that culminated in the capture of the bridge over the Malacca River which led to the fall of the city.

The Portuguese had far superior armaments including muskets and cannons as compared to the defenders whose spirit and bravery was beyond question.

After the Portuguese, the Dutch came in 1644 followed by the British after the Anglo-Dutch treaty of 1824 in London.

RMN Chief Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar said the two submarines were meant to add “muscle” to the country’s defence of its waters and sovereignty.

During a recent media visit to the RMN base here, Abdul Aziz said despite adverse claims against the nation’s defence assets, he was confident of the submarines’ capability in ensuring protection of Malaysia’s sovereignty.

Abdul Aziz took over the helm in 2008. While he had no part in the procurement of the submarines, he had to defend it viz-a-viz his position. But what caught Malaysians by surprise is the rationale he gave as highlighted in the quote above.

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November 1, 2012

1Malaysia is multifaceted?

Today, FMT published another reminder on how the 1Malaysia rallying theme by PM Najib has been publicly opposed by DPM Muhyiddin to everybody’s horror.

Two years ago Muhyiddin stunned Malaysians when he claimed that he was a Malay first and then Malaysian.

Why should the people be in favour of BN as the ruling government when its leaders are doing all they can to perpetuate an agenda that only serves to discriminate and segregate Malaysians of different faiths?

BN keeps claiming that Pakatan’s ally DAP is racist. But then has BN not the slightest decency to acknowledge the fact that it is Umno which takes the cake when it comes to raising racial tensions.

The racist remarks made during the annual Umno general assembly is a classic example of the miscreant nature of this ‘all Malay’ party. What is unbearable is the fact that the racist remarks made via the Umno general assembly platform have always the backing of top leadership.

And it is even more painful to have a prime minister who cares a hoot about having a racist deputy.

In July last year, Najib when asked by a student at the Malaysian Student Leaders Summit to comment about Muhyiddin’s ‘Malay first, Malaysian second’ remark gave the most ridiculous of replies when he said:

“I don’t want to respond in any way that will divide me from my deputy. 1Malaysia is our guiding philosophy. It does not matter what you say, just as long as you follow (the 1Malaysia concept).”

Going by Najib’s tacky reply, do we need any more reasons to show BN the door in the coming 13th general election? (read here).

Follow the 1Malaysia concept your own way and we are all abiding by 1Malaysia. Instead of unity in diversity, 1Malaysia will become the disunity in confusion. Najib says you can behave what you feel is your version of 1Malaysia. Hence, DPM Muhyiddin feels that his 1Malaysia is Malay first and that is totally coherent with Najib’s 1Malaysia.

This is how our country is ruled. First, give out themes that you allow everyone to decipher what it means to them. Then, hope for the best that the goal of unity is gained. If it does, then Najib is a genius. If not, the people have totally misunderstood and misinterpreted it. If all we get is sheer baloney and crap politics, it is no wonder Malaysia is in the state we are in today.

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