Obama wins, Soros hails victory, where does Malaysia stand now?

Tun M has strongly voiced many conspiracy theories on how Soros is attempting to undermine Malaysia’s sovereignty even though he has met with Soros. And so did Najib. Actions by the Government on SUARAM to investigate the Soros link is contemptible.

Now that Obama has won the US Presidency with Soros’ support, what will Tun M and Najib say? Najib has wished Obama well. Everything about Soros is conveniently overlooked or ignored.

Will there now be a conspiracy that Soros will use the US Administration to weaken Malaysia?

In present times, anything may be said for the expedience of politics and avoidance of potential embarrassment from the Scorpene case in Paris where SUARAM is a plantiff. For now, Soros is the best bogeyman.

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