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December 28, 2012

Window 8 – Microsoft will win, over time

Microsoft did not fare well for the Christmas season, so it appears. At least when compared to the Apple, Google and Samsung products snapped up for the stockings. Rest assured, Microsoft is not taking this lying down. They have a very strong adoption presence in corporates and enterprises around the world. They dominate the business and home desktop space. They will be a natural choice when the time comes for technology replacement. Slowly but surely, Windows 8 will dominate the combined desktop and mobile space.

This is our sentiments regarding Windows 8 and in response to a less than stellar sales performance of Microsoft this Christmas season. Given the position of Microsoft in corporate business, one can surely appreciate why there was no big hurry to get the latest Windows 8 notebook. They are new and a bit more expensive when compared to the iPads, Tabs and Nexus of the world. And Windows RT is dismal given the severe lack of applications.

But the position for Microsoft is always the Intel-based devices, be it the servers, desktop, notebooks and now the tablets. We believe the time will come in 2013 when people realize that having a Windows 8 notebook that has both touchscreen and keyboard and runs all your existing XP or 7 apps will mean a great deal more than buying a new device to complement your notebook.

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December 22, 2012

Nicol David – The Best Malaysian Sports Person

Nicol David just turned out to be Malaysia’s best sports person by far. This is in spite the sport she excels is not as popular but to be fair, she has quietly not only won top accolades but maintained her world number one position for the 7th time yesterday at the Cayman Islands (read here).

In December of 2010, our PM Najib surprised the country to announce a public holiday right after our football team won the AFF Finals, hardly a world class international sport. Well, we could not repeat that this time and we dropped out of the competition before reaching the semi finals.

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December 20, 2012

A-G’s Chambers freezes AES summons cases for now

The recent stance by the BN Government to suspend the AES summons may not be as surprising as it appears. The report (read here) stated that the AG was of the opinion that there were legal issues that were raised seemingly to cause sufficient alarm to freeze these summons.

As usual, there were no details and as such, makes it all the more impossible to know the real reasons to this action.

The BN Government has taken quite a beating

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December 13, 2012

Vandalizing AES Cameras not right!

Bernama reported that 4 AES cameras have been vandalized in Perak since October (read Four AES Cameras In Perak Vandalised – RTD).

This is very unbecoming of Malaysians to vandalize the property of another. We are not uncouth, we are not uncultured, we are not uncivilized. We are Malaysians and we condemn such acts.

Yes, we Malaysians are not happy at all with the implementation of AES but vandalizing the property of others does not make it right either.

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December 13, 2012

Dr M Misinformation – Again!

Tun Dr Mahathir, our beloved former PM of Malaysia, continues to stir up the news. Visions of him on TV during the Umno General Assembly looking shocked but having no choice but to put his right hand across his chest to repeat current PM’s pledges continue to remind us that Tun M has to play to the gallery too.

Now, he has jumped into the foray to provide his opinions on Lynas and the economy. In both cases, more misinformation than ever before.

Strong words indeed to be used to describe what Tun M said. The two articles that reported his comments can be found:

a) Rare earths safe, or we’d be brainless by now

b) Our economy grew highest during NEP, says Dr M

So what did Tun M pick to say and what did he purposely ignored to give us this misinformation?

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December 4, 2012

How Should We Now Vote, Malaysia?


The Umno General Assembly is now over. The well coordinated and choreographed presidential meeting of Umno has done the job. Its members are feeling confused to what they swore, some feeling humored and most couldn’t figure out what they are supposed to swear on as the words came out of Umno President Najib’s mouth.

The final verdict seems to contend that Umno was trying to create a perception that it has changed, it is now more united under Najib, it can stand strong to fight in what is probably the mother of all General Election in Malaysia, it has stamped out dissent, it can show that Umno remains the backbone of BN and also the defender of the Malays, and the focus is on the enemy Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar.

Yes, that is what the media will want you to believe. It is what Umno wants you to believe and they did a rather good job at that. All the toned down rhetorics and crocodile tears shed along the way shows that Malaysian show business is not dead at all. And Umno is a natural at this gauging from the conduct over the past few days of the Umno General Assembly.

So kudos to Najib and the Umno leadership for the perception generated. Umno is ready for a bruising battle for sure.

But such attracts controversial comments from opponents like Lim KS, Anwar and Hadi Awang. Fear mongering, they say. No vision and substance to lead the country. No focus on what matters for the rakyat. Etcetera etcetera…

We watched the PAS Congress in November demonstrate that it is now stronger than ever and ready to tackle hard issues and people centric issues. PAS is focusing on a strong leadership display and invoked a controversial prayer on the failing of Umno in the coming GE13. That obviously drew disdain from Umno who retorted in the recent General Assembly.

But such is politics in Malaysia. Umno with its own recipe of rhetorics on race, religion and royalty against the opposition on economics, people well-being, eradicating corruption, better governance, lowering the economic burden, etc now resonate across the country.

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