Dr M Misinformation – Again!

Tun Dr Mahathir, our beloved former PM of Malaysia, continues to stir up the news. Visions of him on TV during the Umno General Assembly looking shocked but having no choice but to put his right hand across his chest to repeat current PM’s pledges continue to remind us that Tun M has to play to the gallery too.

Now, he has jumped into the foray to provide his opinions on Lynas and the economy. In both cases, more misinformation than ever before.

Strong words indeed to be used to describe what Tun M said. The two articles that reported his comments can be found:

a) Rare earths safe, or we’d be brainless by now

b) Our economy grew highest during NEP, says Dr M

So what did Tun M pick to say and what did he purposely ignored to give us this misinformation?

1. He says that rare earth is safe, hence, Lynas is safe. The issue is not about rare earth but about the processing of rare earth, the waste and the managing of the same. Nobody said that rare earth processed products are dangerous. They are extremely useful and we use them everyday. It is about the waste, the disposal and the management of the same, including the raw materials. They are radio active. The fact remains that Western Australia refuses to allow the processing of what is mined there speaks volumes. Then they refused to accept the waste after processing in Malaysia. Another red flag. So Tun M said nothing about this.

2. He says that our economy grew the highest during NEP. Is NEP discontinued already? What specifically did the NEP contribute to economic growth? Now that the economy has been limping for a while, what happened to the NEP effect since it is still valid? This is akin to saying that the economy grew highest when Tun M was younger or more trees were planted or babies were born. Totally irrelevant points but when Tun M says it, he is trying to justify NEP to economic growth, both of which are not related at all. And just to want to show that he did a good job and PM Najib is not?

We all wish that Tun M will say wise words as he is the elder statesman of Malaysia and look forward to that. But when such misinformation and untruths, at worst, are made, we wonder what more will he say to stay in the news.

Well, he just speaks his mind, so he will reply, and honorably so, Malaysians will clearly know what is the state of it too.

As the saying goes, “if you don’t speak, people will not say you are dumb”!


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