Vandalizing AES Cameras not right!

Bernama reported that 4 AES cameras have been vandalized in Perak since October (read Four AES Cameras In Perak Vandalised – RTD).

This is very unbecoming of Malaysians to vandalize the property of another. We are not uncouth, we are not uncultured, we are not uncivilized. We are Malaysians and we condemn such acts.

Yes, we Malaysians are not happy at all with the implementation of AES but vandalizing the property of others does not make it right either.

The Selangor Government has thrown a spanner into the AES implementation in the state by insisting that JPJ and the implementors of AES comply to getting the relevant approvals to put up the physical infrastructure along the roads. Of course, knowing full well that the Municipals might just drag their feet until the Selangor Government decides on the path forward.

Unfortunately, the Perak Government is under BN and they are fully supportive of AES. Hence, the many cameras already deployed along the highway. The Perakians have no choice but to accept the fact. They cannot unlawfully stop AES from being implemented. BN did it the lawful way. And it is not right to vandalize those cameras.

If Perakians are not happy with the way AES is implemented, they should protest it and complain to the Perak Government. Better still, they can voice out their disenchantment in GE13. But not vandalize property. Two wrongs don’t make one right.

Malaysians can do better.

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