A-G’s Chambers freezes AES summons cases for now

The recent stance by the BN Government to suspend the AES summons may not be as surprising as it appears. The report (read here) stated that the AG was of the opinion that there were legal issues that were raised seemingly to cause sufficient alarm to freeze these summons.

As usual, there were no details and as such, makes it all the more impossible to know the real reasons to this action.

The BN Government has taken quite a beating
on the AES matter from accusations that the awarding of the project to two companies were related to the MCA and Umno to the locations where the proposed cameras were to be placed. As the General Election is expected around the corner, we cannot be surprised that the AES matter has been championed by the Opposition parties to rattle the ruling parties.

The only thing that is clear is that AES summons are only suspended, not cancelled. In all possible inference, we can only surmise that this is a temporary deflection of the matter so that this AES project will no longer be raised by the Opposition to hit at the BN Government. At least until the GE13 is over.

Which will mean just this. It is a suspension and all summons are expected to be paid when the suspension is removed. Of course, this will be after a thorough study by the AG chambers is done but any right thinking Malaysian will know that there is no study at all and is about buying time for the GE to reduce the possible bullets for the Opposition.

Well played, BN. This shows the depth of experience of the ruling parties in Malaysia that they know how to move and groove to prepare for the mother of all General Election.

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