DPM Desperate Appeal To Selangorians

DPM Muhyiddin was reported to appeal to the residents in Selangor to vote for BN in the coming General Election as they are supposedly duped by the PKR-led state government (read Duped for four years – Selangor folks need to choose, says DPM). Muhyiddin cited the BN standard accusation of a purported water crisis to impact Selangor in 2014 if the Langat 2 project is not supported by MB Khalid. Obviously, Muhyiddin forgot to mention how well Selangor had performed in their governance based on the Auditor General Report 2011. They were tops with resounding accolades but this does not augur well for a BN appeal. Furthermore, BN never had such recognition by the Auditor General as long as our memory serves us well.

The appeal appears to be a desperate measure without merit. There must be something BN can latch on since PR is not perfect, far from it. But what can that be?

That is the million Ringgit question that Najib and Muhyiddin are trying to find answers so that they can stump PR and get the residents of Selangor to see the reality of the failures of the state government. Only then will the voters swing over to BN again.

Even when the MSM who favors the ruling Federal Government cannot find real failures of the Selangor state government until today, it appears that the PR government is really doing something dramatically good beyond what the previous BN government can do. And all within the past 4 years.

The voters must be wondering if the same state government continues to rule for many more years, will Selangor continue to prosper and the residents enjoy the fruit of the prosperity?

BN must quickly avail themselves to counter such abhorrent thinking in Selangor as it will be detrimental to them in the coming GE13. Creating fear over their rationale of a future disaster will not work. BN must relate recent failures so obvious to Selangor residents to sway their votes back to BN.

Unfortunately, we hear of accusations where the number of new voters have been added to the electoral roll in Selangor to be far more than any other states and beyond reason. This cast suspicion if the votes in Selangor will be truly clean and fair.

Time is running out for BN to swing the hearts and minds of the Selangor voters and rumor has it that the number of new voter will be enough to bridge the gap for BN. This is purely a conjecture and a spurious allegation at best until verified and proven. However, Anwar has been playing this up at every ceramah he is speaking during the “People Arise” national tour. BN must quickly check this before it reaches the ears of all voters around the country.

PR is frantically checking the validity of the electoral roll in Selangor as in other states. But will the Election Commission do anything about it? Most probably not. So, PR is left to making voters aware of such problems for now.

So is voting in Selangor in vain? Definitely not. It is the responsibility of all eligible voters in Selangor to cast their votes and dubious voters should just disappear before they are found out later.

May BN or PR win in a clean and fair manner.

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