Terrifying Bounties on US Ambassador’s Life

An incredible life threat on the US Ambassador’s life as well as any US soldier’s life to be rewarded with gold was reported by the Associated Press (read Yemen: Al Qaeda offers bounty for U.S. ambassador, soldiers). This news was carried by The Malaysian Insider and a few other online media.

Quite obvious this is not something our Malaysian mainstream media will carry. Not many US news agencies reported it either.

Upon reading this report, we are very alarmed that the Islamic terrorist group, Al-Qaeda, has issued such a violent and terrifying bounty on the lives of individuals. Clearly, these are people who do not respect nor value life but rather prefer to celebrate death.

With such a public threat, we should be seeing worldwide abhorrence against such vile thoughts.

Alas, we neither see nor hear of any outcry against the terrorist act.

What is our stand? It has nothing to do with the targets being US citizens. They are fellow human beings and have parents and children. Why are we silent on this when we quickly jump onto the bandwagon to protest against the US or Israel every now and then on disagreeing with their words or actions?

We must protest any threat against fellow humans wherever they may be.

We protest against Lynas because of life threats to people around that area from the radioactive waste which nobody knows what will be done with them. Lynas and the Malaysian Government must fix this fast.

We protest against the US Embassy about the silly video clip on YouTube when we clearly know it has nothing to do with the US Government. This is a waste of time blowing on the wrong target.

But when Al-Qaeda in Yemen issues such a threat to life with a reward, nobody pays any attention to them. And we do know that they will carry out their threats when they have the chance.

Where are the US Government and citizens, where is Obama? Where are the European countries’ voices? Where are the Islamic nations’ outcries? Their silence give consent to Al-Qaeda to proceed with their threats.

We protest against Al-Qaeda threatening lives of people in Yemen and anywhere else in the world.

We protest against groups who take innocent lives as an aggressor and Al-Qaeda is one of them.

It has happened in Benghazi, Libya. Will it happen in Yemen too?

How many more people must die before anyone stands up to protest against such terror and to stop them?


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