Historic KL112 – Updated!


Regardless how TV3 or PDRM or Government related cyber troopers try to play down KL112, one cannot help but admit a historic successful rally was held by Malaysians in the same place where Tunku Abdul Rahman declared the independence of Malaya in 1957. This picture (courtesy of Kwong Jit Yit Poh) shows a very clear view of the massive turnout of KL112. More pictures below. You be the judge.

Yes, the organizers are NGOs with their causes and the Opposition Front of Pakatan Rakyat. The Police has been commendable this time with their full support to facilitate such a massive turnout never seen before since the days of Independence. No FRU, no tear gas, no aggressive response, we salute PDRM for a vigilant and healthy progress in serving the public.

Rogue SMS claiming every participant was given RM150 started circulating. Mat Sabu made such despicable messages turn on its head by initiating a collection drive instead. The people who attended had forked out whatever they could to chip in for the expenses of renting the stadium.

Throughout the event, BN cyber troopers attempted to disrupt #KL112 and #HKR112 by insinuating all sorts of negative messages, some which bordered on the ridiculous. People who tweeted never retorted back as if rebutting them is really a waste of time.

For more pictures of the KL112 event, participants had contributed to Instagram at #KL112.

MalaysiaKini provided an excellent blow-by-blow report for the entire #KL112 rally here.

Free Malaysia Today provided some interesting videos as well as an excellent report here.

PDRM first reported a turnout of 80,000 then declared incorrect and later reported 40,000 to 45,000 in and outside the stadium. Most estimated at least 100,000 people who turned out in full show of strength. We shall wait for a more scientific attempt to estimate the number of attendees. The organizers claimed 500,000, much bigger than Bersih 3.0 number of participants.

Whatever the number may be, we can safely say that the KL112 has turned out to be a historic moment for Malaysians. They were bold to come out to be counted and be heard. The Opposition has succeeded to build a massive momentum to buoy them into the next General Election expected to be held in March, else in May.

We shall now observe the response of BN to this rally very soon. It is not enough to just call names and make negative insinuations. BN must rise up to demonstrate their chivalry and a major one-upmanship over Pakatan Rakyat shortly. This must be done fast to nip the Opposition momentum. What it is will be left to be seen. What more can Najib do to quell this mega rising by Malaysians in a peaceful manner?

The Government has less than 100 days in office. The General Election is closer now than before. The BN Front must defend fearlessly with clear and definite points to appeal to the undecided voters. The gauntlet has be thrown down by Pakatan Rakyat to take the electoral fight right to the people to convince them that a change of government is needed and to give them a chance.

BN is questioning why a change is needed but that is not enough. BN must be clear to define why they should be kept in office after all these years in power.

Malaysia will never be the same after KL112. Malaysians will be heard. Today at Stadium Merdeka. Tomorrow at the ballot boxes of GE13.

To all Malaysians, do not forget to vote!





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