RCI on Illegal Immigrants in Sabah – Premature to draw Conclusions

The RCI in Sabah has recently revealed shocking allegations that there were ICs given out to illegal immigrants and refugees to allow them to vote. However, we must agree with PM Najib that it is premature to draw any conclusions at this time.

The RCI is NOT a court proceeding but will draw possible conclusions from the testimonies of witnesses without any requirement of court accepted supporting evidences. As such, the end of the RCI is as useful as a perception conclusion to agree with what people has thought had happened all along or throwing doubts as to the veracity of the claims.

In short, one CANNOT draw any conclusions to the RCI proceedings and outcome because it is not a judge or jury but a mere inquiry.

BUT, when Tun M comes out to defend himself publicly and PM Najib also supports his position, now we have the ability to draw some primary conclusions to the veracity of the testimonies thus far, and this is what we can surmise.

Tun M says yes to the fact that such immigration claims were done for foreigners who have been in the country for 20 to 30 years and is within the confines of the law and purview of the executive of the country. PM Najib concurs and supports Tun M in his defense that even Tunku Abdul Rahman allowed that during his time. Read here for a more complete report on what Tun M and PM Najib said. However, Tun Harris denied the existence of “Project IC” and most probably this will be revolving around the semantics rather than the activities.

At the same time, we now read that Filipino refugees were given ICs within 3 months upon their arrival in the country in Sabah. We also read of alleged actions by ex-NRD officers who gave ICs to illegal immigrants, giving temporary documents to illegal immigrants to enable them to vote as well as accusation that the instructions came from Megat Junid (who has since passed away and cannot defend himself).

So, clearly, Tun M just defended himself with a strawman, PM Najib supported the strawman since the defense had nothing to do with what surfaced from the inquiry. The immigration allegations specifically revolves around Sabah and not the greater Malaya. The refugees who obtained ICs did not lived in Sabah illegally for 20 to 30 years but a mere 3 months. The common knowledge that illegal immigrants were given documents to allow them to vote has since resurfaced during the RCI.

Also remember what Tun M said during the RCI on the Lingam case. He said he cannot remember all through the inquiry. That is why he is so bold to volunteer to testify in this RCI if requested.

Conclusion – Nobody agreed to exactly what the RCI revealed in the testimonies. No court admissible evidence was produce which makes all the testimonies merely allegations. Tun M and PM Najib never made admissions to the specific activities in Sabah.

We now have a lot of NOISE in the blogs and news portals and we Malaysians must be prudent and smart and wise to deduce the truth from what we read. Let us not get excited over nothing.


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