Teng Digging Hole Deeper

Teng came out to issue a defense on the sponsorship of Psy and the reason why he did not join the BN leadership on stage for the yee sang tossing (read here).

Malaysians who read his explanation are having a field day questioning his logic and lack of wisdom in defending BN in this matter. The Opposition has jumped on the so-called gaffe as they called it about how BN was left red-faced by Psy declining to join the yee sang tossing.

Anyway, the entire episode is really a small matter if at all a problem to the BN. They were genuinely wanting to have a Chinese New Year celebration in Penang for the local folks to warm up again to BN and feel good about BN once again. They wanted them to see that BN can identify with the young and BN can do what they promise about bringing a lot of people together with the current favorite Psy on location in Penang. That they did and promises fulfilled.

The fact that no political party will and can ever spend a reportedly RM2 million for Psy to sing his Oopa Gangnam Style as a point of attracting crowds shows that BN BOLEH! So why should anyone complain?

Let the Opposition say what they want. Money was spent and Psy has gone home.

But this is not all, is it?

There are a lot of buzz around the Internet trying to poke at BN’s grand attempt to bring BN back to prominence in Penang. However, much of the arguments are valid and let us try to analyze them. Teng being forced to answer these allegations show that BN is very sensitive that there must not be any negative light shed on BN especially after so much hoo hah and so much money spent (the emphasis is that it is not Government’s money so why should anyone bother about it).

1. Who paid for it?
Actually, as long as the Government is not paying for it and they certainly can’t as Psy will need payment before the show which the Government can’t do even if they wanted, it is nobody’s business who will want to throw good money away. Even if it is in the millions.

Teng’s defense states that it came from an anonymous sponsor and so be it. However, there are a few problems now that BN has taken pride and limelight for Psy’s gig.

For one, BN has always claimed that it is them who brought Psy to town. So they used somebody else’s money to claim full credit but completely deny spending their money. If it wasn’t BN who paid for it, why should they claim credit from the start? They should have said categorically that the event was slotted in by an anonymous sponsor for the benefit of the Penangites and has nothing to do with the BN. And we all know that we had Teng and Yen Yen (Minister of Tourism) claiming all the credit for Gerakan, MCA and BN altogether.

BN claiming credit for an event that somebody else paid for seems credulous and showing signs of desperation for publicity in Penang.

2. Psy not doing the yee sang toss on stage

This again is no big deal. It is not part of his contracted gig so Psy leaves the stage back to his tent.

Teng now does two crazy turns. One to blame the poor emcee for going out of cue which nobody will believe that. The other is to give the excuse of an attempt on Psy’s life so he should not go on stage as it was not safe for him. How silly can Teng get?

He is now implying that Penang and Malaysia is not safe for Psy as there can be attempts on his life. Some readers commented that Psy was seen going to a local Korean restaurant for lunch after his gig so it appears that he is not aware of such a threat to this life. His fans suggested to ask him this question on Psy’s Facebook page. Let’s see what come out of it.

Teng obviously had to concoct reasons to deflect from BN’s responsibility so it has to be the poor emcee and some unknown threats to Psy’s life. Did he think that Malaysians are that dumb? From deflecting blame to others and suggesting that Malaysia is not safe anymore? How far will he go?

Lesser said the better

It is quite clear now that Teng is not savvy to come out to defend BN. He doesn’t have the wisdom to say the truth nor the humility to admit if it was really an oversight of the organizers. Now that his reasons are published, it has put BN in a worser light than before.

Evidently, the lesser said by BN the better now as the Opposition seems to have succeeded to put BN on the backpedal for some really non-issues. They should give Teng a big kick for making things worse.

Anyway, thank you BN for bringing Psy to Penang (since BN claimed credit and not the anonymous sponsor). And that it was not Justin Bieber as Teng says he doesn’t know him.

We need more of such anonymous sponsors who can splurge millions of Ringgit without expecting anything in return.

So who will they bring next as crowd pullers since BN leaders cannot draw the crowd anymore it seems.


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