3 April: Malaysia Parliament Dissolved, GE13 In 60 Days

PM Najib finally announced the dissolution of Parliament this morning in an 11:30 am televised broadcast. The Election Commission has 60 days to arrange for GE13. Meanwhile, all states with the exception of Sarawak (last state election in 2011) and Negri Sembilan (already expired) are now expected to proceed with their own dissolution immediately to enable the GE13 to conduct both Federal and State elections at the same time.

This is the end of the 4th year of Najib as PM and today will also mark the last Cabinet meeting.

Malaysians sigh a relief as this has been the longest guessing game to call GE13 and the country has been on campaign mode since Najib took over from Pak Lah in 2009. All projects and activities have been short term aimed at appeasing the voters to ensure a good feel to encourage a stronger support of BN in the election. That is why there has been so much giving away monies to the public and the last being to the Petronas staff yesterday.

But finally, the time has come for Malaysians to reckon with their future again at the ballot box. Will they give the mandate back to BN or go for a change in Govt with PR? We shall soon know.

Some interesting things to consider.

1. Will BN be returned to power yet again?

Najib has gone to his utter extreme to try to make this happen. Not only a win but a 2/3 majority or else his Party Presidency will be in jeopardy just like Pak Lah whom he replaced. He has pushed like no other PM has fought for survival before as the Opposition appears to be the most formidable in history at this time.

Apart from ensuring his “winnable” candidates are nominated, he has to fight off allegations of scandals and Tun M on his back with his DPM Muhyiddin waiting anxiously to replace him. He is in a most unenviable position.

As there is a chance that BN may lose, Najib has reassured a smooth transition of power during this morning’s announcement. This may be his last televised broadcast as PM for now. He is raging hard for a win and win it bigger this time round.

2. Will Malaysians give PR a chance as Federal Government?

There has been an unprecedented groundswell of turning the tides of power to give PR a chance because of many reasons. Malaysians have gained new access and insight to all the excesses of the BN Govt like never before and the new voters are Internet savvy people who glean from others in the social media. Will they be able to decide for PR because this bloc is a very sizeable group of voters.

With the ceramahs and news online as indicators and without any racial prejudice, almost all are of the opinion that PR has the best chance of a lifetime to win the GE13.

3. Will most of BN component parties be wiped out?

The PPP was washed out in GE12 while Gerakan, MCA, MIC were all pared down to below size. However, the parties in East Malaysia held their ground formidably.

In this GE13, many feel that Gerakan, MCA and MIC in particular will see a retribution by the voters that may wash them away. A recent report of an MCA leader appealing to voters not to let them eat egg, a reference of getting zero seats, shows the fear of a total wipeout in this coming election.

Even the parties in East Malaysia cannot sit pretty this time and have to fight for every seat as the PR and associated parties are gunning Sabah and Sarawak without which they will have almost no chance of forming the next Govt.

Will Sabahans and Sarawakians vote them out? It will be hard fought but if the many eligible voters who are working in the Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore do not manage to catch a flight home to vote, we may very well see BN retaining power.

4. Will there be public debates between Najib and Anwar?

This has been a constant hope of most Malaysians who want to hear Najib and Anwar in the same stage pitching their propositions to the voters. Perhaps we have been too influenced by the US Presidential debates but surely our leaders and potential leaders can tout their offerings against each other maturely and effectively too. But this may remain a fantasy for a long, long time.

5. Will this be the keenest fight in Malaysian election history?

Most definitely. BN has all to lose and PR has all to gain. Regardless of all the allegations of gerrymandering, defective electoral roll, phantom and postal voters being moved to strategic constituencies, BN still have to fight all the way all though the advantage is for them with the way the constituencies are cut.

Hopefully, they will fight with grace and dignity without resorting to violence in some of the recent ceramahs. This shows signs of desperation by all counts.

We also await the BN manifesto which they tout as the best yet to be prepared, especially now that PR has announced theirs.

Selangor has alleged that over 100,000 new voters are not found at their addresses according to the electoral roll. Some constituencies like Lembah Pantai has seen a significant rise in new and postal voters. Perhaps these are ways to prevent PR to win again but it will be sad if BN is really resorting to such means to defend their turf.

And finally, let the campaign begin soon and may the best win the votes and form the next state and federal government – whether BN or PR – and be done in peace and honor of Malaysians.

Voter Consideration


1. BN for more of the same, new names, new packaging, promising evolving changes after 56 years

2. PR for a change in governance and accountability, promising new hope and radical changes immediately

Whichever party you eventually vote for, remember to make the effort to vote!

3 Comments to “3 April: Malaysia Parliament Dissolved, GE13 In 60 Days”

  1. Good post, Proud2bMalaysian. Balanced and pragmatic.

    Allow me to share my two cents in response to your writings.

    1. I am of the view that due to various reasons, the Opposition have largely undermined their chances in GE13. At the same time, some component parties within BN have done the same. Hence, it is going to be a close fight but at the end of the day, due to poor strategy, foolishness, arrogance and underestimating rural voters, it is unlikely that the Opposition will form the next government. I hope I am wrong.

    2. Those who have done extensive research are in a fix – to do what their heart tells them or what their eyes and brain tell them to do.

    3. It is likely that either one might be wiped out.

    4. Nope. Unlikely that there will be public debates. Makes no difference to me cos I have yet to see a real and good public debate. Do we have politicians who have the calibre to engage the people and to address issues without rhetorics but with key facts that highlight the heart of issues and proposals to combat these?

    5. Definitely. Sadly, I do not see parties placing emphasis on the calibre and quality of candidates. The focus seems to be off-course and there seems to be a lot of self-aggrandizement going on….particularly where I live.

    At the end of the day, I hope there will be a two-party system where check and balances rule the day and both parties do not rest on their laurels or become arrogant like in one particular state. If so, that will be their undoing and they have to be prepared for backlash because what one sees/reads in social media is not the same as the real situation on the ground.

    Hence, I hope that for each constituency, it will be the BETTER candidate (if there are two contenders) or the BEST candidate who wins. May there be a fair and peaceful election and may people be ruled by logical reasoning and not by emotions.

    God bless.

  2. PR believe in freedom of press and the right of dissent (LKS book).They believe in being Malaysian first above race but support separation of our kids when young based on race.They believe deficit budget will bring our country more debt and bankcrupt us but they always have deficit budget and incur more debt.They always believe in full free and democratic election save for their own internal election where they must have room to manipulate.PR believes in welfare state and direct subsidy of rakyat unless it comes from BN. Thus BR1M etc. etc must be objected.

    They believe they can give one off subsidy but whenever it’s done by bn its money politics,They don’t believe in gutter politics. They believe in principled politics. Thus all their lies and fitnah are righteous.PR believes in making promises and put them in writing such as manifestos but none of them need to be fulfilled. They practice principled politics and thus non fulfillment is righteous. But others must fulfilled all of them otherwise janji dicapati.

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