Najib promises to fight graft if re-elected: Too Little, Too Late?

Najib promised more specialist graft courts and greater public disclosure of government contracts if BN is allowed to extend its 55 years of unbroken rule, according to a manifesto he unveiled at his first election rally since dissolving Parliament on April 3.

“My sincere apologies to all Malaysians IF we have done anything wrong,” the caretaker prime minister said in his speech, which had been broadcasted live on national television.
“At the end of the day, we are ORDINARY humans. IF we are given a strong mandate, I can assure you that we will do better in the NEXT five years. (emphasis mine)” This was what PM Najib said during the controversial live broadcast of the BN manifesto last Saturday night (read here).

Too little, too late, Mr Prime Minister. Way too little.

For 56 years when BN (read Umno) and now Najib is ruling, nothing much was really done but much said about graft and doing their best for the Rakyat.

Here is a gentle reminder to the NEXT Government.

YOU ARE VOTED BY THE PEOPLE TO SERVE THE PEOPLE FOR THEIR BEST INTERESTS. Malaysia is supposed to be governed by the people and for the people. Not for self interests.

What Najib should be saying is as follows:

– we have been hiding government contracts from the public
– we will make sure the graft courts are independent
– we apologize for not fighting graft the way we should over the past 56 years
– we apologize for doing the wrong things and name them, not IF we have done anything wrong
– we are NOT ordinary humans but specially appointed humans who claim to serve the best interest of Malaysians

If for the past 4 years Najib was in office, why did he not do anything about graft, about transparency of government contracts (especially the past few months he has been awarding billions of ringgit worth of them), etc when the BN already had the mandate for the past 56 years?

Again, our beloved PM has said the wrong things.

He did not admit to doing anything wrong. If we think he did wrong, he apologizes. What is this? Malaysians are not idiots.

So, BN did no wrong. They can only do better if given further mandate. What baloney!

If he was only human, he will have humbly admitted his wrongs and shortcomings and not allude to them as if they never existed. This is a hypocritical apology at best.

Never once did BN admit to any fault because BN can do no wrong. Only the people thinks BN did wrong and for that, Najib apologizes.

BN is at a critical juncture facing their biggest political challenge in the impending GE13 with arguably the strongest Opposition in the history of Malaysia. Yet we find no humility at all in politics. When Pakatan Rakyat admits wrong, they are accused of being disunited and totally confused. At least they show the side of humanity for admission and rectifying errors. But BN can do no wrong at all for if you so accuse them, the Sedition Act will be thrown at you for trying to stir hatred, etc.

Alas, in the face of the biggest General Election, BN should reconsider their lofty position as incumbent to one who needs the voters to continue. Perhaps, BN believe they will win regardless how the voters will vote but to win big, they need the rest of the voters.

This is the time of political rhetorics and anything can be said if possible to gain the voters support.

This is Malaysian politics.


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