How can Najib calls for unity but blames “Chinese Tsunami”?

Yes, BN has won the GE13 amidst challenges that there have been massive fraud. Najib has declared that GE13 was free and fair while phantom voters prevailed.

And strangely, while calling for national reconciliation (read here), he also blamed the results being racial as a Chinese tsunami in his off-the-cuff remark to reporters.

He calls for moderation but speaks of racial overtones. Can he decide what he really wants to do?

If everything is viewed through racial glasses, Malaysia is more than finished. This practice has gone on for far too long and ignoring the needs of the populace being so varying that it is not race but needs that must be the way forward.

PR won many of the seats with superb Malay, Chinese and Sabah Bumiputra votes. Looking at the results as purely Chinese makes Najib a bigot and never thinking about East Malaysia at all.

Reconciliation means the new Govt will do everything for everyone, regardless if they voted for them or not and to do so fairly and justly and without fear or favor. No corruption.

Can Najib lead this in true reconciliation spirit or will he continue to punish voters and make policies along racial lines? Will he step up to be the PM of all Malaysians or only for some while shouting 1Malaysia?

Some say, can a leopard change his spots? In politics, maybe, anything goes. We shall see in the coming days if Najib will remain race or needs?

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