Dangerous Stand by New Domestic Trade Minister

Putrajaya does not approve a campaign to boycott Chinese businesses initiated by pro-Umo bloggers and backed by several Muslim groups, Datuk Hasan Malek said today but the new Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism minister added that he cannot block their right to do so. (read here)

Several pro-Umno bloggers and the Muslim Consumers Association Malaysia (PPIM) had recently called for consumers to boycott or at the very least buy goods sold by Chinese companies last, including products such as the Massimo brand bread, Cap Sauh wheat flour and coffee-shop chain Old Town White Coffee.

“We will not get involved with those who want to boycott,” Hasan told reporters after launching the Buy Malaysian Goods expo here today.

“We are a ministry for Malaysians,” added the newly-minted minister.

And this is the start of national reconciliation and unity? It seems the call by PM Najib means crap to his Ministers.

We have absolutely rubbish Ministers in the Cabinet who supports such racist behavior. Not stopping it means implicit support and the Ministry is culpable to this boycott. This is not about freedom of speech. This is about Malaysians bullying other Malaysians.

This can self implode the Malaysian economy and break all racial harmony if the PM does not step in to stop such stupidity. And the audacity to say that he is for Malaysians?

How can Hasan Malek even say that he is the Minister for Malaysians when he is party to NOT stopping a racial-based boycott? Did he not know that the call for boycott is on Malaysian companies? How is it that he allows this to happen? Did he mean that Chinese companies are not Malaysian companies? Then he must be a sicko with his head stuffed with fat and no brains.

Malaysians must not tolerate such imbecile stand by a Minister nor such childish and racist call to boycott Chinese companies. If there are calls to boycott Malay companies, we must stop it too. We are all Malaysians from multi-ethnic groups. If anyone bullies a Malaysian, the entire Malaysia must stand up against such bullies. This is not a case of values but of sheer bullying. Did these targeted companies cheat Malaysians? Did they misrepresent their products? No, so it is an arbitrary attack or racial based or political based. This is wrong as it is not based on values.

Our dear newly minted Domestic Trade Minister, either you step up or you ship out. This is conduct unbecoming of a Malaysian Minister. It is conduct unbecoming of a Malaysian.

And it is unacceptable!


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