Malaysia At A Standstill

The PM has been sworn in. So did the Cabinet except for 5 individuals who should not have joined in at the time as they were not made Senators yet. The new term begins with a fiasco yet to be rectified. There has been rallies by PR and NGOs showing anger at alleged fraud and also directed at the Election Commission (EC) demanding reforms and for the heads to step down.

Obviously, none of the rallies and demands will be met because the Govt will not want to bow down to such pressure. In turn, they started to arrest PR leaders and activists but ignore pro-Umno bloggers and Utusan Malaysia and even Perkasa. The show of power to silence the Opposition is back.

Such is the beginnings of Najib’s new term. Uncertainty, draconian acts, selective prosecutions, all being the continuation of his previous term. No reforms are evident although Najib has reiterated that he will want to do so. While spewing such promises, the Sedition Act is used again. And arrests made to show power and strike fear into Malaysians.


The Malaysians who turned out in the tens of thousands in all the #black505 rallies have defied the Police threats and most are young people angry at what they believed was an election robbed of their results. Anwar, for one, stands in defiance of not accepting the results and he is not about to make the same mistake as Al Gore in his Presidential Election bid. He announced the acceptance of defeat based on a Court decision but when the final Florida count came in later, it tallied for Al Gore to be the winner but it was too late.

Nothing the Malaysians do at the rallies can turn over the GE13 results. Anwar cannot be made the PM until the Election Court determines the validity of the evidence to grant a re-election to at least 23 seats and win all the by-elections. There are over 40 seats that PR will submit the Petitions to the High Court very soon.

Meanwhile, there are a number of serious allegations of fraud that Malaysians will never forget nor forgive. By themselves, these allegations will not change or over turn the GE13 results but they anger all Malaysians to a high degree while those in power are keeping very silent and not doing anything about them.

Amongst the recently highlighted fraud allegations, one pertain to fake MyKads robbing genuine voters of their right to vote. This implies that treasonous actions are conducted by those making the MyKads, those using them and those who orchestrated the entire thing. Even after Police Reports are made, the Police have been absolutely quiet about it. They are too busy watching the rallies and planning which leader to arrest. And definitely not the ones producing fake MyKads used for GE13.

How else are genuine voters deprived of their right to vote? This elaborate scheme works and the Govt agencies are the ones who has the means of doing it. Would they not want to clear their name rather than keeping silent? Wouldn’t the Police be keen to find out who is behind this and take them down?

A fraud is a fraud and if it undermines national security, it is critical to eliminate and checked immediately. Why is nobody anxious that fake MyKads can be produced and used in the GE13? Because there is not enough evidence to show which hundreds and thousands of individuals who actually did it? Wouldn’t one be too many? And there are numerous as shown by various Police Reports published in the various FB and Blogs. Or did the people who made the Police Reports lie about it? Some would have us think so.

For now, we await the Election Petitions to be filed.

The standstill continues unless Najib steps up to make good his desire to investigate alleged fraud, extend a genuine hand to reconciliation, stamp out racial remarks and stop blaming the Chinese community for the BN loss of seats and popular votes, and get to work immediately.

While the 2 Ministers and 3 Deputy Ministers have not been sworn in as Senators and re-sworn in before the Agong, Najib runs a lame Cabinet. And his next focus is obviously the Umno General Assembly now expected to be moved up to August instead of year end.

Will Najib survive a rumored power struggle to remove him of the Umno Presidency? Tun M has been hinting and suggesting and Najib cannot discount Tun M’s inherent influence and power behind the scenes.

With so many swords dangling, can Najib do a good job as the current PM? Meanwhile, Malaysia remains at a standstill and the Govt will not want to further anger the young generation who just went for GE13. Will Najib step in the right direction?


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