Gerakan Has Completely Lost Its Plot

GEORGE TOWN: Gerakan acting president Chang Ko Youn labelled Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng as the infallible “tokong” or deity who does not do wrong despite abundance of evidence to prove his wrongdoing. In his keynote address at today at the opening of the state Gerakan annual delegates’ conference at its headquarters here today. (read here)

After the last nail has been knocked in by the results of the last GE13, Gerakan is probably a party much akin to “dead man walking”. The total rejection by Malaysian voters is definite. Their demise is sure. Judging from this report, Gerakan’s days are more than over.

Acting President Chang Ko Youn has nothing important nor valuable to say at the annual delegates’ conference. Unless the report only focus on his DAP bashing which then makes the journalist the one who is victimizing Gerakan, we can safely say that Chang has nothing to shore up voters support for Gerakan.

The way forward for Gerakan to avoid disappearance into oblivion is to build on the good they have done and are doing and will do for the voters. This points to what more they can do now that Koh Tsu Khoon’s rule is over and Gerakan is playing opposition in the Penang Parliament. This is an unfamiliar position because they have been in power since the beginning of time, so to speak. And bashing DAP will not get them back to glory days.

What else can Gerakan do besides bitching? They are part of BN and BN rules the federal government. Why is it that Gerakan cannot leverage the federal links to demonstrate that they too can do much in Penang and for Penang even as opposition? Unless they have failed to see this or they really have no clout to move Najib to support their cause.

Umno Penang is now strongest amongst the BN component parties and it is Umno who will (and has) called the shots. By this, Gerakan has lost its reason to exist. They cannot represent the people effectively, or at least that is the perception of the voters. It is clear that the Chinese voters will not support them. It is also clear that the Malay voters won’t either. The Indians voters are too small a number to be significant and then they too won’t support Gerakan. Who does that leave to support the party? Many of the Gerakan members are not supporting their own party having lost their faith in the leadership and also demoralized by the GE12 results previously.

There is nothing left for Gerakan to do. Their glory days are over. They have neither the vision nor mission in Penang. The speech by Chang says it all. The only thing left for Gerakan is bitching about DAP and the Penang CM.

That is also why they are so into merging all the Chinese-base parties within BN. Although Gerakan is not a Chinese-base party but rather a multiracial party, they have failed to leverage their inclusiveness character to entice the voters to believe in them. And then the rest of the parties they are trying to woo are not giving up regardless of the utter failure they all experienced in GE13.

It will be a waste of time to talk about Gerakan very soon. Unless a miracle happens to turn them all around to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with and posits a very attractive vision for the voters, this is probably the last posting talking specifically about Gerakan for now.

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