MH17 Horror!

Last night (Thursday, 17/7/14) around 11:30 pm when the nation was getting into slumber, there was a rude and horrifying awakening of the news that MH17 enroute to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam had crashed.

News flashes on TV from CNN, BBC, Bloomberg and all across the social media started broadcasting furiously. It was speculated that MH17 might have been shot down near the Ukraine town of Donetsk, about 50km the Russian border. Malaysians were awoken with a gut wrenching reality of a second Boeing 777 lost this year after an entire history of incident-free life.

There were 298 passengers and crew on board MH17 flying at 33,000ft, slightly above the 32,000ft restricted airspace when it was shot down allegedly by rebels fighting against the Ukraine government. It is believed that no one survived the attack on the civilian plane, now ranked the worst disasters of civilian planes shot down. The other two being 290 killed in 1988 when an Iran Air plane was shot out of the sky and in 1983 when 269 died when Soviet fighter jets downed a South Korean Boeing 747.

As confusion, anger, frustration and emotions rise in Malaysia and the families of those lost in MH17, lots of questions arise as to who did this atrocious act. We now hear of parties denying any responsibility and nobody has taken credit for this possible erroneous attack. How can MH17 be mistaken as a military threat begs a lot of answers from the powers that surround the current Ukraine situation.

One thing for certain. As in MH370, powerful countries who are keeping a close watch in this region are finding it difficult to share information that may inevitantly divulge their technology edge. US and President Obama knows the real deal but will be hardpressed to say anything of value at this time. He will know who did it.

For now, our prayers are with the families of MH17. God bless you all.

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2 Comments to “MH17 Horror!”

  1. i would like to correct something in your article: the flight was at 30000 feet, 900 feet above the no-flight-zone and not flying at 30000 meters.

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