MH17 Questions

Two days have passed after the MH17 tragedy. Rescue teams are working rather slowly in primitive Ukraine. The local helpers are frantically working under strenuous conditions. The stench is building. There are no facilities to preserve the bodies. The international investigators are facing roadblocks. There is no confirmed safe perimeter.

Malaysia is again placed into international spotlight for the wrong reasons. Even when MH370 has yet to find its conclusion, MH17 has tragically plunged this nation into mourning again. Many families are lost and torn apart. Our prayers are with them.

But why?

Why was MH17 shot down?

By whom?

Did Ukraine have a hand in it?

Was it the rebels?

What about Russia’s role?

Where did the BUK missiles come from?

Was this a case of mistaken identity?

What about the wire tap conversation if that is genuine?

What about the pictures showing the BUK missiles leaving Ukraine to Russia?

Was there any lapse by the Ukraine air control?

Where are there black boxes?

Who will lead the investigation?

Where is Malaysia leadership in all this?

What will happen to MAS?

Who speaks for the rebels?

How will a ceasefire prevail in east Ukraine?

Why is Putin so quiet?

Where is Obama’s leadership?

Will Russia really complicate Amsterdam initiative to investigate?

Questions and more questions without any answers. We hope this will turn out faster and better than the other tragic MH370 missing in flight.

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