Selangor Dilemma 

The open move to replace Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim with Wan Azizah does not appear smooth at all. The Selangor Sultan has made open his thoughts and getting his approval may be a hurdle. The MB Khalid is not budging and insist that he will stay until the end of his term. PAS President Hadi Awang voiced his view of status quo although the PAS leadership seems to endorse the change together with DAP.

It is the latest expose of the PAS central committee Whatsapp screenshot of a very sensitive conversation now released on the Internet has stirred serious emotions. The contents of the conversation points to the Operations Director Dr Zuhdi suggesting for PAS to leave Pakatan Rakyat and join forces with Umno to retain control and to suggest that the year end delineation can strengthen Malay candidates to ensure that the minority voters cannot raise their issues effectively. Dr Zuhdi did not dispute the authenticity but rather defended that this was merely his analysis as requested by the central party members. He felt that he is being wrongly accused, according to his facebook posting.

Many political analysts felt that this is another openness secret that PAS has always weighed this option. It is not the option to leave PR that Malaysians are angry with PAS. It is the new objectives that met the ire of Malaysians.

If the leaving of PAS is for noble reasons, it is always their prerogative but with the aim of joining up with Umno and to silence the voice of minority non-Muslims, PAS true colors will be more than a surprise.

According to sources, there seems to be dissenting views inside PAS leadership and this Selangor MB issue is causing a dilemma within their ranks. Some say that they may come to the point of a split. The group who secretly longs for a unity teaming up with Umno is no longer in the dark. The next few weeks will show the real faces of certain PAS leadership.

Anwar feels that this is not anything serious because the PAS leadership still subscribe to the PR common goals and vision to go to Putrajaya. This time, it will be very interesting to watch how the Anwar statesman can negotiate through this mire. This tightrope is going to be challenging to the entire PR and Umno is not about to sit quietly by the side.

Utusan Malaysia has thrown support to MB Khalid to confuse the situation. The Whatsapp message shows the thoughts of PAS that seems to indicate that Umno, MB Khalid and one PKR MP will support such a move. Background negotiations have been very active indeed. Whether this carries out will be left to be seen.

This Selangor dilemma is going to be a very stiff test for the resilience of PR. The next few weeks will show how this will pan out.

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