Make or Break for Pakatan in Selangor

MB Khalid has been hauled up to appear before the PKR disciplinary committee and it does not look like he will oblige. Sunday will be a date to reckon for Pakatan Rakyat as PKR and DAP and possibly PAS will meet within their leadership committees. The PAS syura already decided to back a decision to retain Khalid as MB. Will the PAS leadership concur?

Obviously, this episode is particularly interesting to all Malaysians, not just Selangorians. How Pakatan Rakyat as a coalition resolves this thorny issue will have significant impact on the future of Malaysia politics. How will PAS unravel itself without creating a split amongst its ranks? How will Anwar fix this while his Sodomy 2 appeal is rushed for hearing? This is a case for political magic by Anwar and the Pakatan Rakyat leadership. Will they stay for common goals or will they split for individual expedience?

MB Khalid argues that he cannot be questioned for his actions as MB for various executive decisions for things like Kidex, the water restructuring, etc. Apparently, MB Khalid forgot that he is not in private management any longer. He is appointed by PKR and supported by PAS and DAP. A political appointment. So he needs to answer to PKR and also the Selangor voters. So far, he has not attempted to do either.

His loan restructuring has become a very suspicious arrangement with Umno. A too good to be true deal always turns heads and theories.

Conspiracy theories are brewing. PAS whatsapp screenshot is not helping. No leaders from PAS has really given any acceptable explanations. It has been somewhat embarrassing for PAS now. BN is watching closely and fanning the flames through Utusan. The Anwar appeal timing is also a suspect. Looks like a perfect storm is coming to a head soon.

This weekend will be very interesting. Pakatan Rakyat leadership is working overtime now to pull together some face saving maneuvers to salvage pride, achieve agendas, and keep PAS and Pakatan Rakyat intact, albeit with significant bruises.

Watch this space!

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