MB Khalid Last Stand

MB Khalid has been sacked from PKR. PAS must decide their position on the Selangor MB. DAP has decided to stand with PKR. Khalid met with HRH Sultan of Selangor to confirm his MB position. Khalid challenges his Exco to quit if they cannot work with him. DPM Muhyiddin says BN stands with Khalid as MB.

Anwar is scheduled to meet with Hadi later this week on this matter. Hadi had earlier made public his support for Khalid before he was sacked. Anwar believes he can resolve this delicate matter given Khalid is no longer a Pakatan Rakyat member.

Khalid has painted himself into a corner where he cannot stand down. His overinflated ego has destroyed his political career completely. Any party taking him in will be purely for political expedience. Once this MB episode finds its equilibrium, Khalid will be of no use. He has lost the public interest and support.

But his challenge to his Exco is interesting. He can change his Exco with BN reps and play out Pakatan Rakyat reps. The Selangor Government will be BN without winning majority of seats, albeit temporarily. He will have a fight in the Selangor Parliament with a no-confidence vote which can see Khalid’s political dismissal from his MB seat. He may cling on to get the Sultan to dissolve the State Assembly instead. How the Sultan decides will have serious ramifications. Will he accept another candidate from the majority of reps or will he dissolve the assembly on the advise of Khalid?

The precedent in Perak allows for a change of MB by presenting to the Sultan that the majority of reps have a new choice of MB and carry on from there. This allows for Pakatan Rakyat to nominate a new candidate to the Sultan. Also provided PAS remains steadfast to back PKR in the matter. Recent news indicate that PAS is in a dilemma over this matter and their stand has yet to be clearly seen.

Why is it that one egotistical Khalid can throw the spanner into Pakatan Rakyat’s party? New land deals are being inked by Khalid, he refuses to explain his loan restructure, the Selangor water matters, etc. He is a compromised MB, a lame duck with a loss of political support and standing, and a betrayal of the voters trust. Now, he is much loved by BN who is looking for an opening to take back control of Selangor.

The due process must be engaged. Pakatan Rakyat must resolve the impasse. Sacking Khalid is an excellent first step to neutralize Khalid’s position. What is next?

Watch the news daily. A lot can happen this week.

Looking forward to a press conference with majority of reps showing solidarity against Khalid. Let’s see if this will happen soon following the Perak precedent. This will be the easiest coupled with signed statement to the same effect.


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