Dr Zuhdi Marzuki Warped Mind

Today, a report saying that Dr Zuhdi Marzuki is proposing a joint BN-PR Exco to resolve the Selangor MB issue shows a warped mind speaking. Strange he never proposed to the PAS Kelantan government or the Federal Government to do that. Is he genuinely trying to find a solution to this dicey situation? Or is that the general PAS consensus?

It appears that Dr Zuhdi is not a real leader and thinker or leader nor a strategist. It shows the lack of foresight PAS leaders have. The progressive PAS leaders are not speaking up but dull minded PAS thinking have made waves recently. PAS is supposed to be a mature party given the years they had going through the bitterness of relationship with Umno. They are still harboring the hopes of reuniting with Umno who kicked them out. What a mess of brain juice.

When PAS top leadership does not come out to check such public news by the likes of Dr Zuhdi, it will have quietly agreed and that will be a poor reflection of PAS going into the future. Would PAS like it if DAP suggested for Kelantan be sharing with BN powers in the state? The Pakatan Rakyat coalition must be the ones to collectively govern Selangor, Kelantan and Penang to show Malaysians that there is a better way of governance. Dr Zuhdi fails to see this and he is a think tank of PAS.

He may think that he is thinking outside the box but he is not showing that side of his prowess. The country needs practical and progressive thinkers to fix problems and move the country along. He is not one of them.

PR must show they have the majority of the Reps in the state assembly to propose a new MB for the Sultan to approve. Obviously, this is not a PAS option.


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