MB Khalid Masterful Stroke

Today, MB Khalid made his move to show that he is no pushover. Despite being sacked from PKR, he must have sufficient indications of support from BN as well as HRH Sultan of Selangor. PAS must have also given the tacit support so that the remaining PAS Exco was the minimum number to form the State Exco while firing the rest of the 6 members from PKR and DAP.

The loan restructure for Khalid by alleged Umno lawyer has given him a new lease of boldness and one wonders if he is being a proxy for BN right now. There is no real meaning for Khalid to fight unless it is not his fight or he is forced to fight. Khalid’s political support is all but gone. The Selangor voters have written him off.

With the Sultan having gone overseas which is rather strange given the crisis in his state, his absence will cause the crisis to drag until his return. The Selangor reps can demonstrate the majority to propose a removal but will have to wait until the Sultan returns and grants an audience.

Now if PAS reps in the Exco resigns, Khalid will have an illegal Exco because the law requires a minimum of 4 reps. He cannot reappoint as the Sultan is not around. That will mean a temporary stalemate and will force the Sultan to return home to attend to this anomaly.

We shall see how the PAS leadership decides by Sunday. They have been dragging their feet and have thrown significant doubts into the ring. Their true commadry will show soon if they hold firm to the vision of Pakatan Rakyat or pull out altogether causing an internal rift and breakage.

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