Wan Azizah shows the numbers, PAS duo gains the respect

PKR Wan Azizah, State rep for Kajang, had a press conference today together with 29 other reps from PKR, DAP and PAS. A total of 30 reps came out to declare a loss of confidence against MB Khalid in public. This is more than a simple majority of 28. A possible catch is that one of them is the Speaker of the State Assembly, Hannah Yeoh, who can cast her vote in the event of a tie in a no-confidence motion.

Anyway, as expected, Khalid brushed this aside as he says to wait until November when the house meets again to allow for the no-confidence motion. Meanwhile, he is getting ever so bold to change things in the Selangor State administration. He has only 4 PAS reps in the Exco now given that the remaining PKR rep resigned today. This is the minimum number allowed in the State Constitution. This may change on Sunday when PAS leadership meets to decide on their position.

The two PAS reps, Hulu Kelang Saari Sungib and Morib Hasnul Baharuddin, gained full respect of the voters as they stood up for Pakatan Rakyat without fear or favor. They were steadfast even in light of threats of investigation by PAS. They stood up for what they believed for, not themselves but the interest of Selangor and PR. Many voters asked where their PAS reps were given their support was crucial for such an important event. Alas, they chose to toe the line to wait for Sunday while Selangor burns with Khalid’s ridiculous moves.

As all Selangorians can now see the real Khalid in full bloom, nobody ever dreamed he can go this far to defy not only his PKR party but the trust of Selangor voters who expected PR to deal with a respectable government. Khalid is no longer respectable, in fact, far down the disrespectful chart. He has lost the confidence of the voters and his party as well as the coalition he represented.

So, why is he not backing down? It cannot be about face to retire. He had all the opportunity to negotiate something before he was fired. Why is he so bold to take such despicable actions? Only if he was forced to do so which means he may be doing it by proxy. He has no choice and the gun is at his head. Khalid is strong willed but he is not a nut case. He is not so power hungry to lose himself in his MB role. Something happened to force him to behave like this. We shall soon see what that may be.

Pak Lah gave the best example to step aside when his party felt his time was up. Certainly, nobody likes to be told to stand down but such was Pak Lah the statesman who will be remembered as the one who gracefully and humbly stood down for the sake of the country.

Looking at how things are panning out by the day, Khalid will soon be remembered as the MB who committed “suicide” in office, figuratively killing his political life in front of the public. He is self imploding.


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