Pakatan Rakyat is Resolved on Selangor MB

The Pakatan Rakyat leadership just made a press statement on this matter. It was a clear statement to give face to PAS and Hadi who had earlier the day decided to stay with Pakatan Rakyat and also nominated Azmin as an additional candidate for the MB post. That move was veiled as a step to allow Hadi to save face for coming out to defend Khalid openly and then Khalid got the sack thereby making Hadi’s position totally untenable.

Tonight, PR press statement thanks PAS for the support and acknowledge their endorsement of Azmin. In a twist of face saving move, it also states that Azmin remains steadfast to the PKR decision to name Wan Azizah as the new MB of Selangor.

All of a sudden, PR now have a solidarity position in Wan Azizah and in opposing Khalid as MB. All of PAS ADUN for Selangor can now openly support Wan Azizah as MB without facing any repercussions as earlier the two PAS ADUNs who came out to stand beside Wan Azizah had their positions rattled although they remained steadfast seemingly willing to face the worst consequence of being sacked by PAS.

Politics surely makes for strange bedfellows in Pakatan Rakyat as they managed to maturely extricate themselves back into a position of respect while saving the faces of so many people, especially of the PAS leadership.

Well played. As for Khalid, it is time for him to go. Now!

The next few days will see how Khalid can save his face as his position has gone from grace and respect to one of disgrace and selfishness.


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