PAS Oversteps Pakatan Rakyat Boundary

PAS decided this morning that they will stay in Pakatan Rakyat in solidarity of the coalition but surprised everyone to recommend not only Wan Azizah but included Azmin as well. How can a coalition party member who agreed that the MB post should go to PKR recommend other candidates? PAS will never accept it if DAP or PKR had nominated somebody else for the MB of Kelantan but they would do this to PKR. Such is an uncalled for position for an equal coalition partner. Seriously undermining PKR leadership, PAS dug another hole after climbing out of one today.

Does Azmin have a hidden agenda to desire the MB job and upstage Wan Azizah? It was no secret at the start of the second PR term that Azmin wanted to replace Khalid badly. Is he doing the same now through PAS? If he is not working against Wan Azizah, then Azmin must come straight out to decline and step aside for the PKR President.

Think about this. In what way is Wan Azizah any less qualified than Hadi Awang? Nobody proposed another candidate besides Hadi for the MB of Terengganu at the time. PAS will never hear of it. So why do it to PKR now? In fact, on paper, Wan Azizah has much more going for her than Hadi ever had, yet there is a disdain for her and still say it is not about gender.

PAS, stand down on this one. Be a team player. You are part of Pakatan Rakyat, you are NOT Pakatan Rakyat.

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