Clarity of Pakatan Rakyat Break-up with PAS

After a month of arduous representation to the Sultan of Selangor and his royal “anger” at PKR and DAP regarding their “disobedience” to his decree to have at least 2 names nominated, while PAS at their Central Committee level agree to nominate Wan Azizah and Azmin finally ended up with Hadi Awang nominating 3 candidates totally different from the PAS CC, including one PAS candidate.

PAS is having their Muktamar and all eyes are on them, including the Sultan. According to news reporting his royal decision on the new MB, it stated that HRH is waiting for the PAS meeting to conclude before deciding on the new MB but the installation date is set for next Tuesday. Presumably, invitations have already gone out but is kept private for now.

Constitution lawyers are surprised by the secrecy shrouding the appointment of the new MB by the Sultan, if the constitution is actually being followed. That is the only basis of the appointment, if the ADUN has the majority support of the house. If that is breached, it will plunge the state into chaos.

The people of Selangor are more than fed up with this episode. The outgoing MB Khalid has rushed to sign the water deal with the Federal Government. They are also seeing the rift between PAS and the other PR parties of PKR and DAP. They are not amused.

The true colors of PAS is shown then and now with their Muktamar. Hadi let go his anger at PR and demanded that PAS strength is not for others to ride on. Little did he realize that PAS was appearing strong because of PKR and DAP as together they formed a formidable alliance gaining significant voter confidence. By themselves, all analysts including PAS own leaders admit tht PAS will be the one to lose the most.

Hadi is worse than PM Najib and ex-PM Pak Lah in his flip flop and then exerting draconian decision authority over his own CC. It shows that he has no real statesmanship and no real leadership at all to lead PAS, much less Pakatan Rakyat nor the country as he had so aspired against Anwar’s dream.

Today, we shall see the beginnings of a healing or the break up of PAS from within. The outcome from the ending of PAS Muktamar holds an important signal to the Sultan, to PR, to Najib, to Umno and more importantly, to the future of politics in Malaysia.

Politics in Malaysia has a dual front, the rural and the urban. PAS is insisting on the ultra conservative to gain more inroads in the rural without balancing their urban attraction. PAS for All theme is in shambles now. When push comes to shove, the ulamas have taken the front role. The more liberal and forward thinking PAS leaders are probably debating how to take their next step, inside or outside of PAS. History has shown that there is little life outside of PAS as another party. Especially without money. After all, relying solely on religion does not make a political party.

Watch this space. Watch PAS and the aftermath. All indications point to a strong earthquake in Pakatan Rakyat that will result in PAS being booted out.

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