Malaysia 2014

It has been a sad and historically disappointing year for Malaysia. There has been more politicking than focusing on the nation and people.

We had to brave not 1, not 2 but 3 losses of airliners, one from Air Asia and two from MAS. Possibly the first and worst in a year for any country to stomach. The loss of lives from MH17 and Q8501 as well as the uncertainty of MH370 whereabouts is just too much for the families and the country to bear.

The politicking between BN and Pakatan on a virtually non-stop basis as well as the furious spew of emotional nonsense by Perkasa and ISMA all added to a year of wasted time.

The Kajang Move which was to remove Khalid and was stumped by BN to prevent Anwar from taking over the helm of Selangor became somewhat a circus in town, ending up with political turmoil affecting state and royalty and a totally different candidate.

The ruckus on Wan Azizah by PAS finally showed their true colors in a no-turning-back position awaiting for PAS to drop out of Pakatan or a split of some sort. In that debacle, Hadi Awang demonstrated clarity on his position and the two factions within PAS will see a potential breakup.

Then the PAS Kelantan Government insistence to push for a sitting for Hudud amendment and to request the Federal Government to look into amending the Federal Constitution to pave the way for Kelantan to legally execute the Islamic criminal code. This caused serious challenges to PR putting PKR into a troubling position.

A very memorable action by the Government in raising petrol pump prices saw the fury and indignation of the people. Shortly thereafter, the world oil prices dipped to record low forcing the Government to declare that there is no longer a subsidy for petrol and diesel. In fact, the price for petrol and diesel should now be much lower but inflationary hike of electricity, transportation and consumer goods have already risen and will not come back down. So much for a smart Government.

The climax of 2014 saw the worst floods in our history with well over 200,000 people displaced. It has also shown the good and bad side of our Government and the leaders and where they place their priorities…on themselves…while the people suffered.

We can only pray for a better 2015. What can be worse?

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