PAS Youth Nothing Better To Do

It was reported today that PAS Youth wants to “hold a protest to condemn both the murder of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists as well as the weekly’s move to continue publishing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.” (read here). Why would they want to bother on something so far away while the urgent issues affecting them directly here are ignored?

If you, for example (for the purpose of illustration), find Utusan Malaysia publishing something you consider very offensive, would you go into their office and gun down the entire editorial team producing the story or caricature? Obviously not. Malaysians are mature and reasonable people. You can write a rebuttal, take them to court if within legal rights, and have discussions to counter their claims. In fact, you can write your views and opinions against what they had written and argue it out.

Why can’t PAS Youth condemn the insane murder of so many people at Charlie Hebdo and go sue them for their allegely offensive work? Or even explain why PAS Youth feels the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists are wrong in a ceramah or any other publication?

Holding a protest as they had planned is insane, illogical and ill thought through.

Wouldn’t it be much better had they protest, say, to lobby the delay introduction of GST, the alleged misue of funds, the state of education, the alleged corruption, etc.

Then they will have shown to have heart and brain. Now, they show they have neither.


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