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April 19, 2017

Good News in Bad Times – INVOKE

IMG_20170419_082750.pngI have stopped writing for a while to observe our world in Malaysia getting from bad to worse. I always wondered why are there so many people who wants to make this beautiful country run to the ground. I figured they are selfish, greedy and because they can.

I feel excited after reading about INVOKE. In a lengthy message sent out by YB Wong Chen regarding what Rafizi Ramli started with a bunch of young and intelligent Malaysians focused to help capture 40 marginal seats so that the Opposition Front can win the next General Election.

In the past, you can hardly read about Malaysians coming out to dare live a dream. Rafizi is doing so for the love of Malaysia, our beloved country, using brains and youth and commitment, something quite lacking in this present generation.

There is nothing for them to gain from a material viewpoint but lots of respect and admiration from their peers. They are doing this for the better future of Malaysia. And doing it with honor and respect for people, especially those in power. They do it without screaming “bloody Mary” or threatening incarceration. They do it with finesse.

This is the dawn of a new generation of Malaysians. Using their brains and skills, putting technology to good use, they are going to show the world that that can play a significant and definite role to turn the tides of GE14 which is expected to come in the second half of 2017. They are ready to roll.

I am amazed that they have such clarity in goals, strategy and direction and I hope to write about their success in the near future.

Viva la INVOKE!

Viva la Rafizi and team!

If you are reading this, you MUST do your part to support. Check them out.